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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Writer's Block & Maria Shriver

I have had a SERIOUS case of writer's block lately.  I'll start writing a blog and it rambles and has no point. Or it's preachy.  Or bitchy.  Or whiny.

They've sucked.  You can thank me later for sparing you.

There's a few reasons for this.

First, my kids who are the source of my humor are getting a little older.  My son is full on in puberty and to be honest, as funny as some of the stuff is- and we are talking HILARIOUS- I can't share it online.  Not because he asked, but because I want to keep it personal.  We are very close and I don't want him to think that he can't talk to me.  My daughter has had some pretty funny stuff, too. It was one thing when they were little people who were essentially extensions of me.  Now they are people.  I feel bad stealing their lives to make people laugh.  If you notice, I never blog about my parents or my sister either.  When I do blog about a family member- my husband or mother-in-law- I always read it to them first.

So most of the funny has been cut out of my blog.

Second, my state politically has gone completely batshit.  We have an assemblyman who said he would support slavery if his constituents wanted him to.  No one asked him that, but that's what he pulled out of his head?  We have the head of a tax committee that owes over a $1 million back payroll taxes.  And this isn't a liberal/conservative thing.  It's a whackadoodle thing.  I now have a congressman who openly admitted that he ran because he didn't think he would win and he has no idea how a bill gets through Congress.  I shit you not.  At least he's honest.  I supposed that's a good thing..

I love politics.  I just don't like to blog about it. This is supposed to be my happy place.  Politics can be divisive.  I don't want to incite online arguments.  No one has ever posted a meme on Facebook that changed my thinking on a topic.  Often when I write a blog and think "oops- that might be too liberal" I'm shocked to find that my conservative friends share them the most.  Because let's face it, most of us agree.  I also think it means I've done a good job keeping the politics out and focusing on the core issues.  The great political schism is being created by a bunch of billionaires who are laughing all the way to the bank.

So I can't really blog about the noise that's in my head with that. Because I don't want to make the world angrier.

Third, I can't write about work.  Because I can't. 

So that leaves me with nothing. 

But what about Maria Shriver?

What does she have to do with anything?

She has the best flipping website.

It's inspiring and informational and useful and nurturing.  It makes me want to be her bestie.  With everything she's gone through in the past few years- political life, divorce, teenagers-- she has all these amazing colleagues and friends and has shared their writings for everyone.  She writes some fantastic, insightful articles.

There are articles on parenting.  On managing aging parents.  On gaining confidence.  On overcoming obstacles.  On gratitude.  On healthy lifestyles.

It reminds me of "CBS Sunday Morning"- every time I watch it, I feel a little better about the world and like I've learned something.

I've considered simply posting links to her website in lieu of my blog. 


Check it out.  It's good.  It's about good, actually.  The good in the world.  The good in your life.  The good in you.

As for my writing, I'll get back into it.  I definitely have my funny back-- I just want to respect my kids' privacy.  Maybe I can get my husband to do some funny stuff.  And I'm trying to work into running and that's flipping hilarious.  It's not my forte.  I am also convinced that my Fitbit is really some sort of device that will turn me into a killing Zombie, ala "Divergent."

Our state legislature only lasts a few weeks (which I think EVERY state and the feds should adopt- you can't have a government of the people, by the people and for the people if the people are represented by out of touch people who don't work), and I trust that Jon Stewart will do an adequate job of mocking it.  He's already starting.  So much to work with.  Kinda like when we had the governor who slapped the waitress in the parking garage when she wouldn't sleep with him and liked to sext.... I love Nevada.  When a Comedy Central comedian actually breaks and starts laughing and has to say "I'm serious-- this REALLY happened" you know you have one jacked up political system.

In the interim, I will be reading my imaginary bestie's writing. 

And if you have any ideas for blogs, please post them.  My well has run dry.


Mama BEan