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Sunday, April 29, 2018

I Just Didn't Think it was Funny

I'm a nerd.  As a kid I liked watching the White House Correspondents Dinner.

I did. 

It took my favorite things- humor, writing & politics and rolled them into a fancy event.  I loved watching the Presidents TRY to make a joke.  I liked how they could laugh at themselves.  I like how they could take being laughed at and still shake hands and smile.

I usually think Michelle Wolf is hilarious.

But I didn't at the WHCD.

I know most of us snowflakes find it ironic that the people hurling insults at us constantly find it hard to laugh at themselves.

Watch Fox News for a few hours.  You'd lose your sense of humor, too.

I get that the same people who called Michelle Obama all kinds of names for wanting kids to have healthy options at restaurants and to move more are upset that we joke about Melania's aversion to touching her husband.  I get that what we laugh at is real and they made up stuff.

Or posted memes of President Obama being lynched.

And poor Malia-- one game of beer pong and she's a lush.

I hate the obvious hypocrisy, too.

Firing the chaplain for saying to remember the poor?  Wow. 

The inaugural crowd- I mean, c'mon, there are photographs.  Lots of  photographs.  And yes, it rained.  God did NOT turn it into a beautiful day for Trump.  It rained. 

I don't know how Jim Acosta hasn't stood up and just shouted "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU ARE LYING!  LIAR! LIAR!  DRESS ON FIRE!" at Sarah Sanders.

So I don't like the administration.  I like Michelle Wolf.

What's my issue?

It wasn't funny to me.

It just wasn't.

It was like the mean, pretty cheerleader making fun of the gawky band kid and thinking they were too dumb to get it.

Oh wait- that was my life.

So yes, I'm a little sensitive about it.

I get that the POTUS mocks people.  I cringed when after making fun of Rubio's sweating & his ears during the Republican debates he turned to Ted Cruz and said "What are you laughing at?  No one likes you- you don't have any friends!"

I never thought I'd have any compassion for EITHER of those men, but I did.

And it seemed like nothing more than a bully.

I don't know if I necessarily thing that's a bad thing.

Or I should say I didn't think it was a bad thing-- but it was. 

Because the WHCD is not only a roast, it's a time to lay down the swords and have a fun night.  The humor is usually self-deprecating as well as sarcastic against political enemies.

Her comments reminded me of Trump at the Al Smith Charity dinner. 

I didn't like them then and I don't like them now.

I happened to agree with her comments on most things.  I loved the "How Broke is He?" bit.  Spot on. But did I laugh?  No.

I loved that she tore into the press for the role that they played in the election.

But it didn't help.  It made things worse.

When Rubio mocked Trump's hands after months of being insulted by Trump-- it backfired.  Horribly.

For whatever reason, Trump is like that obnoxious relative that gets a Get Out of Jail free card for being rude at every family event because "well, that's just how he is... you can't change him."

I'm sick of people like that.

And dishing it back never works.


And again, maybe because I'm fat and don't know how to put on makeup that I'm a little protective of Sarah Sanders. I miss her bright patterned dresses because I wear them, too.  I've watched her slowly diminish before our eyes, falling into the back drop- plain clothes, losing weight-- and please don't get me wrong- I think she supports a lot of what I do not.  And if she didn't, she should quit.  Fox will give her a show.  At the rate that their hosts are leaving, she can even start with a good time slot. She has options and she chooses to say so she must believe in what she's doing.

But joke about her needing glasses.  Or joke about all the people she's had to deal with in her short tenure.  Joke that she's related to Bernie.

Or maybe the reason I didn't laugh is because it's not Michelle Wolf that wasn't funny, it's that I can't find anything funny about this administration.

One of my Republican friends is over the chaos and she said "Who is against clean air & clean water?  What is wrong with them?"

I look at the world my children are going to have to deal with.  It frightens me.  I have friends whose families could be torn apart because of a broken immigration system.  Classrooms are packed and they want to divert more money to private schools.  Friends who are deployed didn't get paid because they aren't hiring people to process payments because it's silly overhead. 

So maybe after all it wasn't Michelle Wolf that wasn't funny, it's that Trump is not a laughing matter.

At least not to me.