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Monday, February 27, 2012

When Children are in Control

I am going to try and change the names, shows, and a few other facts in this blog, but what you need to know is that these words were actually uttered today on the playground.

My daughter Zoe is in kindergarten.  If you follow my blog, you know she is a bit of a free spirit.  Very free.  If you know her, you will concur.  She has a fantastic kindergarten teacher.  She has a huge class.  The class has it's fair share of children who my guess is, will eventually receive supplemental educational support.  She had to crack down a little more than normal this year.  My son got one "red card" his entire year.  My daughter gets one about every 6 weeks with a "yellow card" about every week.  I was very concerned about this until I started volunteering in the classroom.  Some days, all the cards are flipped to red.

I should also point out, I love, love, love this teacher.  She runs a tight ship, but she is also very fun and creative.

We were really cracking down on Zoe when she would get anything other than "regular."  Once I told my husband "Um.... it's not just her," we backed off a bit.  If the red card was for just chatting (hey, she's my kid), we adapt the punishment (no TV, early bed time, etc).  If it was for something worse (like the day she put the kid in the headlock), well, that's a bit more serious.

Anyhow, I was waiting outside her classroom with 2 other dads.  We were joking about how Zoe runs out and announces with flair "I got a regular!!!"  I told them how I always try to check and see if it was one of those days and everyone got a red card before we would get too upset with her.

Then, one of the dads commented "Oh, Tuesday is always red card day for us.  Sally makes us let her  watch "House" and "Castle" so she doesn't get to bed until after 11 on Monday."

Names and TV shows have been altered.

Okay, wow.  So many things wrong with that sentence.

First of all, if you KNOW a child has discipline issues because of something that you are doing- WHY WOULD YOU KEEP DOING IT?

Seriously.  If I knew that eating sugary cereal made my kids nuts, I would not give her sugary cereal.  Period.  We figured out that she wasn't eating enough at lunch and would have trouble concentrating in the afternoon.  We asked her to help pick out her lunch so she'd make it to the end of the day.

It never occurred to me to keep allowing the bad behavior.

Especially for a TV show.

Second, "make us."

What?  This is not a democracy.  I don't cowtow to my children EVER.  Especially not something like bed times.  I will take their ideas into consideration, but the final decision is my husband's and mine.  PERIOD. 

Third, eleven is way too late for a 6 year old. 

We don't sell bed time as a bad thing.  It's a fun time when we read, talk about the day-- we wind down.  My kids are in bed around 8, a little later for Skip who is 9.  He reads for about 30 minutes at night.  We start getting ready for bed around 7-7:30- depending on dinner, activities, etc. Any time my kids have questioned going to bed early (because they know other kids don't) I explain that your brain grows at night.  Not getting enough sleep makes it very hard for your brain to work.  It's an easy sell because the friends that usually DO stay up-- well, they aren't usually in the top reading and math groups.  Shocking, I know.

Fourth, there is a reason they put the little M in the top left of the screen.  It's for parents like this who are too dumb to know that shows that come on after 9 pm are for ADULTS.  They have labeled them people.  The shows that this kids "has" to watch is full of violence and sexual situations.  Now, keep in mind, Zoe has seen ALL the "Harry Potter" movies which shocked the mom of this kid.  We were very cautious and we told her if it got scary, to let us know.  We are reading all the books, so she's familiar with the fact that Harry wins.  Plus, this is the kid that LOVES to be scared.  But it's violence that fits in with the story- Voldemort is evil.  If Harry and Ginny started getting it on, then I might have a problem.  The kissing is more than enough.  They aren't drug addicts.

Fifth, the kid needs structure and to understand the word no.  I volunteer in the classroom and trust me, she is not the only one who would benefit from the understanding of the word.  The temper tantrums that I see leave me baffled.  But then again, who knows?  Maybe some of the kids are just tired?  A few weeks ago one kid had a total breakdown because he lost at Bingo.  TOTAL breakdown.

Am I nuts?  When did the kids start setting the rules?  And now the teacher is responsible for this kid getting good grades?

And I go back to the parenting.... in one sentence, this guy summed up everything that I think schools are faced with- not funding issues, bad parenting issues.  If parents did their jobs, then maybe teachers could do their jobs.  But if kids come to school hungry, tired, sick.... how are they supposed to learn?

It makes me crazy.  The good thing-- the dad next to me had what had to be the same expression on his face that I think was one mine.

Utterly baffled.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Oscars and Movies

This year I had the opportunity to get sick last week and watched a lot of the Oscar nominated movies on pay per view.  Plus, I have the advantage that my husband loves movies as much as I do.  I use my Amex points exclusively for movie tickets, in fact.  It makes for a cheap date night.  We also don't feel ripped off if a movie sucks.

I was excited this year to watch the Academy Awards because I had seen so many of the films.  Unfortunately, yet again, the program sucked.

I think I'll just follow it online from now on.

Here's the thing- it's too long.  Way too long.  The comedy isn't remotely funny (some of it seems sorta nasty, in fact).  It's slowly becoming a parody of itself.

So here's my thought-

Do a cute little bit at the beginning.  Then shut up.  Hand out the awards.  Show longer clips so I can actually see what the big deal about the performance/production is.

Then call it a night.

I like the hoopla before- the dresses are pretty.  It's fun to watch.

But let the people get their awards, do their press bits and celebrate.

I didn't need the comedy (?) bits.  I didn't need the past winners discussing how much movies mean to them.  I didn't need Cirque du Soleil.

Two hours is more than enough.  It's bad enough they've banished half of them to the week before.  They didn't need to "fill the time" with strained banter between actors who aren't particularly good at improv.

On a more positive note, I was very happy to see "The Artist" and "Hugo" win so many awards.  They were both phenomenal films in the truest sense.  I think Viola Davis got screwed out of the best actress, but I have to be honest, I didn't see "Iron Lady" and I just expect Meryl Streep to knock it out of the park.  She's like the kid who when the teacher is grading papers, writes the "A" on it without needing to read it.  So maybe she was amazing?  I don't know- they all were pretty darn good.

I am confused about "Bridesmaids," however.  I love Melissa McCarthy and she was hilarious, but the movie sucked.  It was all over the place.  It tried to be serious, then slapstick- I thought it was one of the worst movies I'd seen all year.  And I go to the movies with my kids, so I've seen some serious crap.

"The Descendants" also had me baffled.  Not a bad film, but not in the category of the others.  "Moneyball" about put me to sleep.  I thought both movies glossed over the original stories.  After I saw them, I read "The Descendants" and did a little research on the main character in "Moneyball."  Then they made sense.  I found it odd that "The Descendants" won for best adaptation- I thought it left a few key parts out of the story that pulled it together.  "The Help" was a fantastic adaptation.  No clue why it wasn't nominated.

And "The Tree of Life"- well, maybe it's my midwestern background, but what in the hell was that movie about?  It was the 1950's, computer generated dinosaurs, then clouds-- it was like a bad dream after eating Mexican food and falling asleep with "Leave it to Beaver" on the TV in the background.

But "The Artist"- a beautiful, fun movie.  Something unique.  You can't munch on popcorn during a silent movie, please note, but I left the theater with a smile on my face.

I really wish they made more movies like that.  My favorite last year was "The King's Speech."  It made me laugh, cry and feel a little bit better about the world. 

Sometimes smaller is better.  Sometimes a nice story about people relating to each other is all that I want to see.

No explosions (not that "Mission Impossible: 132 (?)" wasn't fun), but sometimes thoughtful dialogue (ala "Juno") is nice.

Or in the case of "The Artist", not even that is necessary.

I've said this before- times are tough.  I just want Hollywood to make me smile and forget.  

So that's my thoughts tonight.  Nothing earth shattering.  I just thought I'd answer that mysterious questions that the studios had after last year's disappointing box office numbers- make movies that are enjoyable,  and people will go.  And keep in mind, if I can watch it for $4 at home instead of $20 at the movie theater, I'm probably going to stay home.  You don't need the Rosetta Stone to figure that one out!

For fun, because I have no idea how to close this out-- what are your favorite movies of all time and from last year?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Me and My Uterus

I haven't really written anything the past week or so-- I've tried, but I've been at a loss for words.



This has never happened.

The fact that our government just had a hearing on birth control (please note, it was about WOMEN's BIRTH CONTROL--  not vasectomies) and failed to have ANY WOMEN on the panel and then was discussed by an ALL MALE PANEL on MSNBC (the most liberal of them all...) horrifies me.

I have watched and listened with my jaw dropped as so many personal and intimate topics about my reproductive organs have been discussed over the past few weeks.

By men that I don't know and never want to know.

Not intimately.  Not personally.  Not biblically.  Not socially.

By men that aren't going any where near my lady parts.

But holy crap, they certainly have strong opinions on them.

I told my husband I was going to write a funny blog and say that my uterus wrote it.  I even started it.

Then the panel happened.

This is real folks.

This isn't a joke.

This isn't a laughing matter.

One of the most life changing books I've ever read was "Reading Lolita in Tehran."   It's written by an Iranian professor- female- who thought the Shah was horrific. When the religious sect took over, she actually thought it might be good for her country.  She was Muslim.  Slowly, they started to dictate what she taught.  Then her female students started disappearing.  Then she was told to come into the building up the back stairs- only men could use the front.  Then she was told what to wear- traditional dress.  Then she was fired.

All over a few months.  All in a country that, believe it or not, had a very educated progressive female population.

This scares the living shit out of me.

Requiring transvaginal ultrasounds for having a completely legal procedure? WHAT?  What other medical procedure does a state legislature regulate?  None.  Should you be forced to get a rectal exam to get Viagara (which NEVER has a life or death purpose)? 

I've had one of those ultrasounds.

Not fun.

I think every lawmaker who voted for it should get one or a nice rectal exam with the ultrasound device.

A woman makes a legal, decision and you want to rape her for it?

And who's to say that she didn't pray to the exact same God that these alleged God Loving people do and came to the decision that an abortion was the right thing to do?  What about real faith and trust in God?  The abortion rate is dropping.  It's not an easy decision or an easy fix. Single parenthood has lost the stigma.  That's good news for the pro life movement.  You're winning your battle without having to deprive women of their rights.

But let's take abortion off the table.  That's an old argument that will continue for ages in the US and no one's mind is going to change. 



Birth control.

What separates us from most impoverished nations.  The ability to control the population.

The one thing that has allowed women the opportunity to have equal rights.

I don't think truly private organizations should be forced to cover birth control if it's against their doctrine.  If they receive federal and public funding, well, um, you're not private any more.  Sorry.

And to attack Planned Parenthood-- that's WHERE I got my birth control because my health insurance didn't cover it in the 90's.  Not an abortion- pills.  And my pap smear that wasn't covered "unless there was an issue."  In fact, Planned Parenthood in Las Vegas doesn't perform abortions.  Most of their clinics nationwide don't.  Yes, they offer referrals to physicians who do, but they also offer adoption service referrals as well.

What did that congressman say when he said before Congress that abortions were 90% of what they do-- "He wasn't actually quoting factual data..."

No shit, moron.  Planned Parenthood has provided women with options on all those "icky" topics that men don't discuss- except apparently in closed door Congressional panels.  My mother's generation didn't get annual pap smears or mammograms.  They died early from cancer.   My generation gets screened and I have many friends that have survived cancer because of early detection.  My generation gets this because the generation before us fought for it.  Planned Parenthood gave women an education on topics that were taboo to discuss- it allowed us to be part of the work force, to not be dependent on men for income because we were having babies-- it helped give us control.  And apparently my generation has forgotten.

So in the last few weeks I've seen Planned Parenthood and birth control under attack. I expect it on abortion, but women's health?  We have 8.5% unemployment.  Europe is falling apart.  The Middle East is a disaster and BIRTH CONTROL IS THE HOT TOPIC FOR POLITICAL DEBATE???

When did I blink and my country was taken over by a bunch of men who want me back in the kitchen having babies?

When did I suddenly lose my rights to my own body and health?

You know what the number one cause of pregnancy is?


Let's ban penises.

Should we require reversible vasectomies of all men following an anal exam until they prove they are father material?

Should we subject the 20-30% of father's who don't pay child support but could, to rectal exams and castration?

Hmmm.... I might be on to something with that last one....

But honestly folks, keeping abortion off the table (because I will politely agree to disagree- I absolutely respect the pro-life crowd), let's not be ridiculous about birth control.  Let's acknowledge that nearly 90% of boys and 80% of girls have already had sex before they graduate high school (and I'm assuming none are married).  Let's not be stupid.  People have sex.

So if Congress really wants to stop unwanted pregnancy, let's really do it.

Let's ban penises.

I suggest we start with all the penises in Washington first.

There certainly seems to be too many dicks floating around Washington for my liking.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2.2 lbs Gone....

Well, my big "Hey I need to really exercise more because I eat fine" realization last week led me to my biggest loss since I started Weight Watchers.

Okay, so how WW's works is you get assigned a point level based on your age and weight.  Mine is 29.  You also get 49 extra points that you can use if you'd like throughout the week.  They don't encourage you to use them, but it's a great way to give you limits and let you indulge without falling off the wagon completely.  Since the biggest hurdle in weight loss is the mental aspect, I think it's a great strategy.  Sort of a limit to the days you just can't do it any more. 

They also added the option in January, after evaluating the plan for the past year, that if you're not happy with your weight loss, you can drop the points by 3.  You also earn activity points based on low-medium-high levels and use them as needed.

So this past week, I dropped my points to 27, "earned" 46 activities points, "used" 35 of them and never touched the extra points and had activity points leftover.  I did 2 spin classes, 1 zumba class, 1 tap dance class and worked out with my 10 minute trainer videos for a total of 30 minutes throughout the week.  Per my heart rate monitor, my cardio capacity is improving and I lost weight.

Woo hoo!  Well, not so fast....

Here's my fear-- if you followed my old weight loss blog my concern when I started this was that I would not be able to maintain a high activity level.  I had lost weight 7 years ago through nothing other than tracking what I ate (which wasn't too bad at that time) and doing spin 2 times a week and step aerobics 3 times a week.  Then I had my daughter, then the market crashed and I truly needed to be in the office more.  I started to go at 5 am.  Then my husband started teaching early bird classes and leaves at 5:30 am for work.  And I'm sorry, 4 am isn't  a reasonable option when I often get home after 6 from work.  That is still night time to me.

So the fact that THIS week I was able to fit everything was great.  However, while I would love to commit to this every week I can't.  And if I say I can, then don't, I will get discouraged and quit.  The all or nothing thing.

I read this fantastic book "If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight?" and the author discusses being realistic about your MINIMUM commitment.  Don't start with 5 hours a week if you aren't even fitting in an hour.  I agree.  I've done this more than once.  She's right.  That's how it goes.

When I was working out 5 days a week, I had no problem losing weight.  The second I stopped, it all came back.

Hence my trepidation.

I absolutely can make 4-5 days work a priority for the next few weeks.  Then my husband starts track.  May is usually a nightmare.  Summer should work, minus vacation.  Then August is crazy with back to school.  Then a few weeks that might work, then the holidays....

Do you see where I'm going?

I need something that will be realistic and consistent.  Clearly, if I don't exercise, I can't lose the weight.  I also know that aside from the scale, exercise provides so much more-- and I think I need to focus on that.  Anything is better than nothing.

However, the fear of working so hard and gaining it back because I can't adjust to the real world, is scary.

Don't worry, I will keep plucking along-- I'm off to spin right now, in fact.

And even though the fear of gaining it all back (again) is there, I am hoping with Weight Watchers and their ongoing plans (you keep going even if you hit your goal weight-- and it's free if you stay within 5 pounds of your goal), it will be different this time.

I will exercise to be healthy.  And if I happen to lose some weight great.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Family Values

I am trying to start a shop-in at JC Penney this Saturday to show support for their decision to keep Ellen DeGeneres as their spokeswoman.

I am overwhelmed by the support it has received.  I hope it continues to build and people tell the Million (or 40,000) Moms that we have a no-bullying policy.  Because that's what they are, bullies.

My reasons for doing this might surprise.  It's not because I am passionate about gay rights.  I support gay rights because why wouldn't I?  I have enough gay friends and family to know it's not a choice.  I have yet to be shocked when I find out that someone I went to school or college with is gay.  Normally my response is "And?????"    Gay rights are simply ingrained in me.  I see it as a human rights issue.  I find anti-gay people fascinating.  And I'm not talking gay marriage-- the people I find fascinating are the people that have this deep hatred of anyone gay-- as if it's a disease that will spread. That it is evil and corrupt.  That God hates gay people.  It's laughable to me.  I just assumed that when God says he loves everyone, it means, well, EVERYONE.

So yes, I support gay rights, but what REALLY pissed me off about the Million Moms was that they offended me.  From their website:

JC Penney Offends Traditional Families Again

Recently JC Penney announced that comedian Ellen Degeneres will be the company's new spokesperson. Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families. More sales will be lost than gained unless they replace their spokesperson quickly. Unless JC Penney decides to be neutral in the culture war then their brand transformation will be unsuccessful.

First, what the heck is an "open homosexual?"  Are the commercials soft lesbian porn?  Is Ellen going to be making out with Portia in the furniture section?  I'm thinking no...

Okay, so here's my REAL gripe.  I have a "traditional family."  I shop at JC Penney's.  I could give a crap if Ellen Degeneres is gay.

As a traditional family, I feel they have degraded MY values and beliefs.  My family believes in treating ALL people with dignity and respect.

These Million Morons give families a bad name.  They are an embarrassment.

Marriage rates are dropping.  Our traditional families appear to be a thing of the past.  I think it explains a lot about what's wrong in society.  Families don't eat dinner around the table any more.  They don't play board games.  Everyone is rushing.  Everyone is focused on themselves.  When things get rough, people divorce without trying to work it out.  Kids don't respect their parents. 

It's a mess.  Hence my last blog.

Now my main difference between the MM's is that I don't care what your family looks like- 2 dads, 2 moms, 1 of each.  But kids need a family.  They need structure.  Being in a long term relationship is priceless.

I am privileged to work with many couples who have been married for seemingly forever.  Is it always easy for them?  No.  But they are a team.  Someone always has their back.  It's not sunshine, rainbows and unicorns every day, but there is that connection that comes with knowing someone for 40 years.  Basically, it's worth it.

I don't think everyone should get married, have 2 kids and live in the burbs-- not in the least.

But sadly, many people are scared to get married because they think it's the end of something- not the beginning of a pretty cool adventure.  And I blame the MMs.  They take something fabulous like love and support and make it this unbearable unit of hatred, misery and life indenture.

Because if you read their website, that's what they're about- hatred.

They HATE everything.

They protest EVERYTHING.

I saw nothing on their website that was remotely positive.

They, quite frankly, give families a bad name.

And that, my friends, pisses me off.

I wish everyone had a spouse like my husband.  Most of the time.  I wish everyone had kids that they loved to hang out with as much as we like our kids.  I have so many friends who are happily married.  Seriously.  Marriage and kids aren't diseases.  They are actually quite lovely.  It means giving up some of the things you did as a single person (like having sex with other people and staying out all night), but in exchange you get hugs, kisses and this connection that can't be described.

But the MMs think it's some arduous task that require constant monitoring from outside evils.  It's like their own bunker of anger.

Keep in mind these MMs are the same geniuses that banned Schweddy Balls ice cream.  Clearly eating the wrong ice cream will slowly destroy American family life.  Talk about being too tightly wound.

So yes, I support gay rights.  But honestly, I support REAL American family value- the right to respects others and embrace what makes us different.

Tell these bullies to shut up.

This Saturday, join my friends and I as we shop at JC Penney.  Even if you just need some socks.

You MMs think you are going to hurt JC Penney?  Think again. They will be thanking you for giving them a free advertising campaign.

Next time, I hope they read the bible, rather than just thumping it.

Monday, February 6, 2012


This week my friend Julie posted an article about charter schools.  We had a bit of a discussion on how charter schools impact public schools- are they viable option for parents who feel their children are getting a "lesser" education or are they drains on the public schools, pulling the good kids out?

Here's my general thought-- until they figure out how to fix public schools, I like that I have an option.  My kids are both currently enrolled in public school.  They have, however, rezoned our school.  What a difference it has made.  And not for the better.

It has, however, confirmed my suspicions about the "problem" with public schools.

It ain't the schools.  It's the parents.

Holy freaking crap.

Our school has no U-turn signs posted every where.  You guessed it, the morning is full of people making u-turns, barely missing kids riding their bikes and crossing the street.  Today, a woman sat underneath a sign in the flower bed which read "Please do not walk in the flower beds" WHILE HER DOG PISSED ALL OVER.

How on earth is the school supposed to fix this?

And people want schools to be the primary care givers.  Students eat breakfast and lunch at school.  Now our school offers before school reading assistance and after school math assistance.

I understand that parents are busy.  People work.  I work.  I also know that I can fit 15-30 minutes out of my day to work with my kids on their school work.  Maybe not every day, but most days.  We read before bed.  My son is an early riser, so we started doing his homework in the morning.  I had to set my alarm a little earlier, but that's what worked for him.  My daughter works best right after school.  We read.  When the teacher said make cards to practice sight words, I did.

Apparently, the other parents don't.  I've heard the words "I don't have time to do this homework."

When I volunteer in the classroom (and I appreciate that not every  parent has the ability to do this), I am always stunned when I ask kids if their parents have given them tips on their spelling tests-- silly me.

And it's not like these parents are showing up, exhausted after school, heading to their second jobs.  They are swearing at their kids, telling them to hurry up while they text on their phones- it's disgusting.  It's like no one told them that once they had children they had to grow up and be a parent-- you know, a role model.

I have fun with my kids.  If you read my blog, you know this.  My son has recently started to tell me what a good mom I am.  I'm not sure what brought it on-- I'm going to bottle it for later.  But, yes, we have fun.  And they make their beds.  And do their homework.  And they go to bed early.  And they don't eat sugary cereals.  And sometimes I say "No." Because that's what moms do.  I had fun in my youth and now it's time to pay the bills and be responsible.  You know what?  It's not so bad.

I'm not sure when being a grown-up became uncool, but apparently, it has.  So many people seem intent on acting like teenagers.  They want to be cool. 


Life isn't junior high.

I want my children to respect and love me.  When they are adults, we will be buddies.  For now, sometimes I can be mean.  And sometimes, like today, when my son had to "sign the calendar" in his class (a bit like a written warning), and was almost in tears, I hugged him and said "You know what, kid?  This is only the second time in 4 years you've ever had a problem.  It happens.  Don't worry."  He was running in the hall.  He knew better.  I didn't trash the teacher.  She was right.  But he's a good kid.  My daughter, however, the Queen of the Red Cards, that's a different story.  She gets an early bed time for the same thing.  Regularly.  Sigh.

But that's part of being a parent.

People are putting so much responsibility on public schools, but no one is even discussing the absence of parenting. 

Their kids are fat from school lunches.  Of course, they could pack lunches. And kids eat way more meals at home-- 5 bad meals a week for 9 months don't cause childhood obesity.

Their kids can't read because of the poor teachers.  The others kids somehow managed.  And how on earth did the parents not know their child couldn't read?  It should come up before 3rd grade.

Teachers are so overwhelmed with new standards, behavioral issues and red tape.

Here's a thought- why not just throw cots into the gym so the teachers can completely raise your child?

And here's another thought- Parents, grow up.  Life isn't supposed to be fun every single day.  Sometimes being a parent is difficult.  And sometimes you have to put your child first.

You drink HOW much soda?!?!

Okay, so I had a few big realizations this week at Weight Watchers.

First, I eat really well and their "diet" is not working for me.  Food is not my issue.

Second, exercise is the only way I'm going to lose weight.  Period.

Now don't get me wrong-- WW has a fantastic food guideline and I will continue to track using their system.  They also noted that for some people, they realized the new system was not working well, and if it wasn't, I need to lower my daily points.  I will be lowering my points.

I also think the weekly meetings are exactly what I need.  It keeps me on track when I really want to say "Screw it."  I know my friends are there (thank you Lisa and Ellen!) and although my progress is slow, it IS progress.

I have officially decided, however, that I would like to speed things up.  Clearly, more exercise is what I need.  My friend Ellen is killing it in her spin classes.  She's not just relying on the diet portion.

Our leader Matt, who I like, kept emphasizing that it really IS what you're eating.  No, really it's not.  Tracking my food helps me be conscientious, but honestly, there are very few times I go over my points.  Certainly not enough for me to have only lost 11 pounds in 5 months.  Clearly, the points for me are off.

And for whatever reason this week's meeting, I just wanted to slap people.

One guy has lost 14 pounds BY GIVING UP DRINKING 7 MOUNTAIN DEWS A DAY.  No shit. Giving up an extra 770 calories a day and 217 grams of sugar will do it.

I don't drink soda.

And there's another woman who said something else like "Well, I don't eat out of the vending machines anymore... no more candy bars."

I don't even remember the last time I had an entire candy bar or a can of soda.

I'm not exaggerating.

I think I had a Heath bar when I was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago?

I have mini sodas for clients and last winter when my throat was sore, I might have had a Dr. Pepper.  Maybe?

And fast food?  Chicken nuggets 2 months ago. 

I eat shredded wheat for breakfast with skim milk.  I eat a salad that I bring from home for lunch with feta and 3 oz of a protein or an egg.  No dressing except for balsamic vinegar.  Dinner, we eat out about 2-3 times  a week.  I even figured out what to get at Smashburger- the grilled chicken with BBQ sauce on the whole grain bun.  Mexican?  Grilled fish tacos for me. Dinner tonight-- I roasted a chicken and sliced the potatoes with them. 

There is nothing "bad" to cut out. 

Yes, the late night snacking and not being aware-- tracking has helped that.  But I think I may have maxed out the benefit of cutting that.

So that leaves me with two options - really cut back (that one cup of coffee with cream-- I'm switching that to green tea 3 times a week, the once a week ice cream splurge- no more) or up the exercise.

I'm opting for upping the exercise and cutting back a little bit more.

And I'm not trashing WW's-- I will keep tracking and logging and going to the meetings, but I am going to tune out when they focus on food.  If I ate so poorly, my kids would also be overweight (they aren't) and there is no way my husband would have been able to lose and keep off 125 pounds. 

I have a sedentary lifestyle.  That needs to change.  Eating rice cakes is not going to help it.

So that's where I'm at this week.  A little fed up.  A little annoyed at stupid people who don't eat fruits and vegetables and are amazed when they do.  A little irritated that they keep telling me to track as if I'm paying $49 a month for shits and giggles.  A little more motivated to do something.

I have to say, even though the scale is barely moving, I actually have gotten rid of quite a few clothes that looked simply silly.  Granted, most clothes just fit better, but I have sweat pants that don't stay up, a pair of work pants that I changed when I saw myself in the mirror-- clearly things are happening, just not on the scale that much.

So I will keep on going.  I just know that I can't rely on watching what I eat to do the trick.  It's not going to be my magic bullet.

But on a positive note, if Armageddon were to come tomorrow, my metabolism is SO ready for it....