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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ten Things I Love About my Daughter on her 10th Birthday

Tomorrow my daughter turns 10.

TEN.  Double digits.  The big time.  Official tweenager.

I thought about writing a 10 Pieces of Advice blog.  But here's the thing- my daughter is fine.  I mean that.  Completely fine.

Is she a bit of a slob?

Well, yes.

Does she lose stuff?

See the comment above.

But the core of who she is, is possibly one of the best people I know.  She was defined the moment she was born.  I even knew she was left handed- ask my husband.  Everyone thought I was nuts "Babies don't demonstrate a dominant side until at least age 2."

Guess what? She's a leftie.

So here's my top 10 list on my daughter.

1) She is happy.
When she was 4, I was having a bad day.  I looked at her and she was smiling and dancing.  I asked "What makes you so happy?"

She put her hand on her hip and with a smile she said "Me.  I make me happy."

I shared that with her on Friday and she said "That makes me sound immodest.... that's not good."  I explained that it was brilliant because she was right- we are all responsible for our own happiness.  "Well of course."  See.  Brilliant.  My buddha.

2) She is creative.
For her party, people have been asking me what she wants.  I said tape.  Paper.  Markers.  Anything to create.  And I'm not talking drawing.  I'm talking multi dimensional artwork.  It's crazy.  Her perspective on things continually surprises me. 

I don't think she's every played with a toy the "right" way.  They've always seemed to bore her.

She's an abstract thinker.

3) She is funny.

And I mean really funny.  When she was a baby I tried to explain to my parents over the fun that I was pretty sure she had a good sense of humor.  They thought I was nuts.  Then they met her and completely understood.

She would make funny faces in the mirror in her crib and crack herself up. 

Her comic timing is perfect.  She knows how to work a dramatic pause and mug for the audience.

I love it.

4) She is a reader.

I really like that she reads what she likes to read.  She likes to read fiction about fairy tales and silly girls and nothing overly serious.

We are just starting to read books together. "The BFG"- or Big Friendly Giant she loved.  She was so happy when I told her I thought it was hilarious as well.

5) She can read people extremely well.

Neither of my children suffer fools.  Her gut instincts are exceptional.  She knows the mean girls and the bully boys.  She doesn't even bother.  She's polite to everyone but to get to be her friend is a big deal. 

She has a few friends that still have temper tantrums.  She very politely has asked me about spending less time with them.  She felt that she had enough friends that don't act that way.  She was tired of tip toeing around them.  I told her I respected that and we would keep that in mind.

6) She still snuggles.

She was not a snuggly baby.  She was constantly on the go and wanted to play with her brother.  But now--- she is my snuggle bunny. 

7) She is tenacious.

About two years ago, she decided she wanted to play soccer.  We were stunned.  When she had played at 4, she didn't really like it.  It seemed random.

She was terrible.  Really bad.  And she knew it.  But she stuck with it.  She liked the camaraderie of being on a team.

This past season she focused on being a goalie and really was quite good.  In fact, one of the best players on the team commented that "I love watching her play goalie- she's great!" which almost made me cry.

8) She has a beautiful voice

She has a beautiful, rich, alto voice.  She actually sang before she spoke.  She could mimic sounds as a baby and it would sound like she was speaking. 

She doesn't think she can sing, but when no one is around, she can belt out some tunes.

9) She's smarter than you think.

Because she's a little disorganized, she might come across as ditzy.  She's not.  She's not academically competitive but trust me- the kid puts things together better than anyone I know.  She may not regurgitate data as well, but she can find patterns quickly and draw conclusions.  I love how her mind works.

10)  She's fun.

She's a blast to be around.  Her happy go lucky demeanor makes her fun to be around.  She finds beauty in so many things and is always looking for the best in people. 

She is one of the best people I know and I adore her.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

While You Were Stressing Out...

So while you were stressing out about the holidays or the debates, I left work at 5 pm (MIRACLE), made it to my daughter's performance at Barnes & Noble and the following things happened...

We couldn't see a thing because it was on a tiny stage surrounded by books and parents with technology devices.  However we coined a new phrase:

IPad Jumbotron

For when you can't see, but some tall guy in front of you has an IPad up in the air so you can watch that.


My son had the words condemn and commend confused and realized it at some point during dinner.  He couldn't tell if he had done something right or wrong and he wanted to clarify.  This was almost as funny as when he screwed up the word condiment with condom in 5th grade.  Okay, it wasn't THAT funny- because that was hilarious.

We came up with another new word:

Butt Toast

When you fart and the seat heater in the car is on and it cooks your fart.

Which is not to be confused with Fart Roaster- that is when you fart on a hot summer day in the car, shut the door, and get in the car an hour later to find that your essence has increased its power.

We played some Star Wars Heads Up while we waited for our food at dinner and might I say, my daughter is an official Star Wars geek.  She beat all of us. Proud moment.

I know that tonight I did not change the world.  We had inappropriate conversations.  We did have a nice conversation on communism vs. socialism vs. capitalism vs. social Darwinism and why I work for myself and my husband prefers a steady paycheck and how we're sorta kinda conservative in our lives but sorta kinda liberal in our beliefs.  And my son asked amazing questions and I think we did a good job answering them.

In general, we did nothing more than laugh with some friends at the concert, laugh with each other, talk about farts and Star Wars, make up some new words and to quote my daughter "This is the best dinner ever."  Not because of the food (I asked) but because of the conversation.

So there was that.

And that's kinda sorta awesome.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MAD Magazine and Trying to Connect

My awesomely wonderful son Skip turned 13 recently. 

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging as much is because I truly feel that as my kids get older, their life is their life.  Trust me- puberty is HILARIOUS- however, I think it's also private.

With that said, however, I have to say that as most parents, I thought once those teen years hit, MY child would be different.

You can stop laughing now.

I get one hug a week that was negotiated.  I threatened to yell "I LOVE YOU, SCHMOOPIE" out the window when I dropped him off at school.  In exchange for NOT doing this, I get a hug.  A week. One.

From the little boy who once said how he would always love me and hold my hand.


I sorta kinda became dumb overnight.  But not really.  He even fessed up to this "It's frustrating- you're actually smart and funny.  You're making it difficult to not like you."

Yes. I. Am.

He even gave me credit about my negotiations on the hug. And holds me to the one a week.

I've apparently become magnetic- in that I repel him if I get too close.

I call it Parental Polarity.

My husband seems to be unscathed from this.  He also works with teenagers so he thinks my frustration is hilarious.

My son and I used to talk about EVERYTHING.  We never had a typical mother-son relationship.  It was more of a peer to peer situation.  He's pretty level headed so after about 2, I started asking his opinion on things.  I had never been a mom before so it only seemed logical that we approach it as a team project.  He would give me honest feedback and vice versa. 

It's worked.

And it still is.

He's a good student.  He's generally polite. 

I'm not worried.

And our "together" time comes in bursts that is often, unfortunately, right before I have to pee.  So the deep thoughts are sometimes interrupted by my fear of my bladder bursting.

I also force him to go to breakfast with me one day on the weekend.  He used to love it.  Now I say things like "I birthed your giant head.  We're getting pancakes."

As much as he complains, he likes it to some extent.

But I feel like I am perpetually looking for that connection.

My daughter's Girl Scout Troop sold magazines this fall.  So I ordered some and I got him a subscription to MAD Magazine.

I LOVED MAD Magazine as a kid.  LOVED it.  My sarcasm grew from its pages.

The first issue arrived and I made the mistake of telling him how much I loved it.

So it sat on the counter for a few days.

Because how cool could it possibly be if Mom liked it?

Well tonight, he was in his room and was a little late to dinner.  My husband asked if he was playing XBox. 

Nope.  He was reading MAD.

Because apparently it is pretty hilarious and he didn't hear us call that it was dinner time.

And suddenly, I got a few points for being cool.

Very few.  But I'll take them.

Tomorrow when I'm helping with the jazz band he will ignore me and avoid eye contact even though "The other kids really like you... they think you're cool... they don't know you...."

But I'll have the very brief moment where I know that I was cool again in his eyes.

And maybe someday when I'm old, he'll even hold my hand again.

(This blog was approved by Skip)