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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Working on the Workout

My quest for fitness continues.

I'm still sticking with my original plan which was not to have a set plan, but rather a general guideline.  I committed to Weight Watchers for 6 months. I added Zumba. I've done a few spin classes here and there.  After the 6 months on Weight Watchers, I decided to take a break for 2 months from tracking and the meetings.  It wasn't because I don't think they have a good program, it's partially because it wasn't working all that well for me (I generally eat healthy) and I wanted to see how I did on my own.

Two months later, I'm fine.

I absolutely think the accountability of meeting my friends and weighing in was very effective for me.  I did realize, however, that the stickers weren't nearly as motivating as they were at the beginning.  I needed to make this for me, not to prove something to woman behind the counter (especially the one who would make snide comments).

So my next phase is the Crazy Exercise Phase for 4 months.  In June, I will be starting a Cross Fit program which is based on interval training and natural movement.  It looks a lot like the boot camp programs.  I have a few friends that have done the program and not one has a negative thing to say.  They've all gotten fantastic results (similar to the P90X feedback I've gotten). 

Until then, I will be doing a circuit training routine three times a week that a trainer we worked with about 5 years ago, came up with.  I really need to have a better baseline before I start CrossFit. I'm also going to keep the Zumba class because it's fun.  Tap dancing, which is off for the summer, is just the cherry on top (and as I've always said, I am not tap dancing for fitness- I'm doing it solely because I love it.).  I'm also trying to squeeze in a class on the weekend.  This weekend I tried BodyVive.  It was great. It's a low impact aerobic class with resistance band training and ab floor work.  It focuses on core work (which I have no core) by mixing it up a bit more than your traditional cardio/weight training class.  It hurt.  A good sign that it was working the muscles that I needed to work! 

My son is now taking a mixed martial arts fitness class at my gym (or at the MMA gym inside my gym).  It's three times a week-- hence my three times a week training!  It works out great for both of us (pun intended).  Once I start the CrossFit classes, I'll probably just do the recumbent bike or treadmill- nothing crazy.  I don't want to hurt myself.  When I'm done with CrossFit, I'll go back to the circuit training.

Basically, I'm trying to get into a routine, find stuff I like and will stick with.  I'm not going to set unrealistic fitness goals or weight loss goals.  Somewhere in the past 2 months I realized what I really wanted was to feel good- the number on the scale isn't all that important to me. If I did magically lose all the weight, I'd still have to exercise, so I've decided that for the rest of the year, I'm going to focus on the exercise portion and not the scale.

Don't get me wrong- I have a number in mind that I'm shooting for.  It just may never come.  And if it doesn't, that doesn't mean I'm going to eat junk food and sit on my butt.  And if I do hit it, I will buy a pair of Levi's with the size on the outside label and post a picture of my new, hot butt for all to see.  In the jeans-- just wanted to clarify. 

I was reminded today of a wine tasting class I took in college.  The sommelier from the former Windows of the World wrote the book and taught our intro class.  He said the best wine is simply the wine you like best. He actually mocked wine snobs.  He said if we liked ice cubes in red wine, put an ice cube in it.  Find what you like.  Enjoy it.  Try some other varietals and vintages.  Different wines are good for different situations- food and other outside factors have a huge impact on taste.  Don't let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn't like.

For me, finding a work out routine is a bit like this.  Things that used to work, aren't or I'm not enjoying them as much.  Everyone has an opinion on the right way to do things.  At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what everyone else says- professional or just friends offering advice.  I have to find what I like and what works for me.  I have to be willing to try something new.  I'm always open to the feedback, but it has to be something that I enjoy and will stick with.  Running is never going to be my thing.  At least not now.  Pilates depresses me because I can barely do anything.  I can't commit to CrossFit beyond the summer because the schedule doesn't work for me.  It doesn't blend well with the entree-- my life.

And I will keep on trying to find the perfect blend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Beauty of Unfriend

My friend Pam made a comment today on Facebook that she was dreading the upcoming political season.  Her comment was something like "Your calling me a fool is not going to get me to agree with you..." (I am paraphrasing).  I completely agree. Pam and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but we definitely agree on this.  We've been friends since we were 5.  I suggested that she simply hide the people that she found annoying.  I do it all the time on Facebook.

I think Facebook is fun.  It's a perpetual conversation with people I know.  I can join in.  I can watch from the sidelines.  I can start a conversation.  When people take it too seriously, get offended, etc, I usually smile.  No one is making you log in.  No one makes you friend people.  It's a choice.  And I am pro-choice.

I want to hear your opinions, see your pictures and George Takei's posts always crack me.  And if I post something, comment on it.  That's why I posted it.  I have friends all over the world of every religion and political affiliation.  I wouldn't post it if I wasn't curious what other people thought.  In fact, I often start my links with "Curious as to what everyone thinks..."

With that said, it does not mean that over the past few months I haven't filtered my feed.  The "hide" feature is awesome.

There are a few annoying types that I find on FB and eventually end up blocking or unfriending:

Along with my friend Pam, your posting of photoshopped pictures of the First Family does not exactly give you political credibility.  At least check stuff out on people.  Seriously.  I love politics.  I often post links to articles that I find though provoking.  Even though I'm a Democrat, I subscribe to "The Economist"- it's a conservative international finance magazine.  It makes me think.  I posted an article to it once and asked for discussion on it.  My husband's cousin who is also liberal made some great points.  Another person made a comment that it was clearly a liberal perspective and went on and on.... they obviously hadn't read it or if they had, they didn't understand it.  When I commented that the author was actually a conservative, she made a comment that I just thought I was so much smarter and stated that my friends and I were ignorant.. well, they actually READ the article before they commented...  so I unfriended the person.  It wasn't anyone I had seen or spoken to in nearly 30 years.  Seriously, don't insult me or my friends.  You wouldn't do it in my living room, don't do it on my wall.

There's another guy that I went to high school with who I always thought was a bit of a douche in high school.  He was the kid that I would cringe when I walked into one of my non-AP classes and saw. I immediately knew that 30% of our class time would be spent dealing with his antics.  He thought he was funny.  I thought he was an attention seeking whore.  When he friend requested me (or maybe I requested him), I thought maybe he had changed.  Some of his comments were funny.  Apparently, he's a born again Republican.  So nearly every post I made had some sort of political commentary attached to it.  Because of my job, I'm really limited on what I can say via social media. After about the 10th post regarding an innocuous post like "It's cold today" and his responding "Proves your silly global warming theory wrong." I simply unfriended him.  Because in reality, we weren't really friends in the first place. Of course now, when I post something on a mutual friend's wall, he makes comments about how his liberal friends dropped him because of his political views.  I have friends that are elected Republicans, buddy.  I dropped you because you are a moron and I find you annoying.  And based on your nasty commentaries, you didn't like me either.  Let it go.

You know the one... every other motivational quote is followed by "If that f**king a-hole at work doesn't leave me alone, I'm going to kick his a** all the way to the curb...."  Or the love-hate "My husband is the best, " followed by "My husband is a TOTAL jerk... I cannot believe he thinks...."

Pick a personality, people.  Stick with it.

These also tend to be the people that update their relationship statuses far too often.  Unless you have a drawer and a toothbrush at someone's house, you are not "in a relationship."  You are either dating or a booty call.  And you BOTH need to be "in a relationship."

I will admit, these people are like watching the Kardashians and I would be lying if I didn't say I kept them around until I just couldn't take it any more.

The occasional "I'm having a bad day" posts are usually hilarious.  At our book club we were laughing about when I posted about how I stepped in dog crap, didn't realize it, crawled back into bed... and well, it wasn't pretty.  Or when people have a typical bad day- flat tire, idiots at work....

It's the my job sucks-nobody understands-why doesn't anyone love me- my kids are idiot posters that get hidden in my world.

I've got enough stress in my life.  I don't need yours.

I have a friend who is going through chemo. SHE can post whatever the hell she wants.  And by the way, her posts are usually funny or inspirational.  I'm sorry your drawer didn't balance at the end of the night.  Maybe if you weren't Facebooking through your shift bitching about your life....

This one really creeps me out. If I've unfriended you and you're curious as to why, this is probably it.

It freaks me out when people that I haven't seen in forever comment on my life when I do finally see them in person.  It's as if they don't feel the need to speak to me in person because they think they already know what's going on in my life.  Or they re-post pictures of mine.  That's REALLY creepy.

If you read something, comment on it.  At least every once in awhile so I know you're alive.

If you never post and never comment, I assume you're not actually using Facebook.

It's like you're having a relationship with me and I'm completely unaware.

I like a good motivational quote.  I don't like one every single day from someone that I had a brief conversation with at a party 15 years ago.

If the majority of your posts are reposts of other people's insights, really what is the point?  It's YOUR status update, not Socrates or Tony Robbins.

I don't need to know every detail of your life.  I tend to fall into this category, but honestly, even I don't share as much as some people do.

That rash you have.... sshhhh..... no one else really needs to know.


In reality, I actually do cut off friends. It sounds a little harsh, but it's true.   I call it "going through my Rolodex."

Everyone gets three strikes.  If I call you three times and invite you somewhere- lunch, movies, - or even just to chat and you don't have time- there is no fourth call.  I'm busy, too.  I have a business, two kids, I volunteer, I'm addicted to Scrabble and now Words with Friends... if you're too busy to be my friend, I'm really okay with that.  Just don't expect me to drop everything when you need me. 

I am truly lucky to have a great stock of good, real friends.  I don't need to ruin my day with online acquaintances.

So if people really are bothering you, simply hide them or unfriend them.  You don't have to like or be liked by everyone.

In real life or online.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love, Aging and Marriage

Last year my wonderful mother-in-law met a man and fell in love.

My father-in-law who was a force to be reckoned with-he had a HUGE fun-loving personality, passed away 7 years ago.  My mother-in-law had no intention on ever dating again.

She went to a party.  She met a guy.  They went on a date.  They went on a few more.  They fell in love.

And I'm not talking that societal perception of "mature" love- this isn't just companionship.  They sparkle when they are together.  They exchange glances.  When he had a health issue last summer (turned out not to be serious), the panic in her voice was fear of losing someone she loved.

Just like she was 16. Or 25.  Or 65.

So when they decided to get married I was surprised that more than a few people said "Really?  Why bother at their age?"

I usually responded "Well, you know they HAVE to get married..."  implying that she was knocked up.

This usually got a laugh.

But I have to say, my real response is "Why the hell not?"  Love is love.

You see, in my position as a financial advisor, I have the benefit of working with people who are older than me.  I have good friends- not acquaintances- actual friends- who are any where from 20-40 years older than me.  I really have a friend who is 100.

I also feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about aging from my clients and friends.

Age really is in your mind.  Yes, your body does slow down, but for many people (and I throw myself in this mix), it's not age related.  I have a 71 year old client who regularly runs half marathons.  He's pissed he can't do a full any more.  I have a 60 year old coach who does centennial bike races.  He did a triathlon last year.

And it's not just physical accomplishments.  My "older" friends take classes.  They learn new hobbies.  They travel the world.  They read books.  They volunteer.

They live.

I know other older people who simply get old.  Life is something to be endured and at some point they have decided they are on the tail end of the ride and just want to wait it out.

When they were younger, they were probably the same people who let life happen to them, rather than living it.

This is a video that made the internet rounds last year about an older couple trying to learn how to use video conferencing.  They got handsy with each other towards the end.  This was apparently "cute."  Um... I HOPE I'm still getting handsy with my husband in our 70's.  Otherwise, those last 20+ years are going to be very long and very boring.

Seniors using the computer

And speaking of getting handsy.... back to my mother-in-law...

I am so happy for her and her "man friend" as I was used to calling him.  I don't think it's remotely crazy that in her 60's- which I don't think is remotely old-- she met someone and that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

No one knows how much time is left on their clock.  They could have 30 years together.  They could have 5.  My husband and I could have 5 as well.  One of my favorite lines I use when helping people decide when to retire: "You get to pick the first year, not the last year."  And I believe it.

Every day counts.

And to quote my 100 year old friend "Life is short.  Enjoy it."

Congratulations to one of the most wonderful people I know!!  I wish you MANY years of happiness.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bedazzling Faith

I love my Monday Zumba class.  The teacher is completely nuts.  It goes beyond a fitness class- it's a blast.  We tango.  We cha-cha.  We salsa.  We hip-hop.  We do group dances.  It makes me smile.

Sadly, I've missed class the past few weeks due to an insane workload and really, really frustrating computer issues.  So on Monday, when the network determined that I had apparently done enough work for the day (don't ask) I went out to lunch with a client and headed to the gym early.

Normally, I squeak in right as the class is starting and get stuck in the back.  It's not a huge deal, but I usually end up next to the newbies and spend a large portion of the class smacking into people who have no clue where they are going.  But this Monday, I was early!

As I waited outside I asked one of the older women who is amazing if she danced professionally.  She blushed and she said I made her day.  She apparently is Spanish and said it was genetic.

I headed into class, happy to have made someone's day and excited to get a spot in the center by the regulars.  I could see what's going on!!   I wouldn't spend half the class dodging flailing arms and running into people going the wrong way!

The music started.

I cha-cha'd.  I salsa'd.  After 2 songs we took a water break--

"Okay, grab some water."

Since I was in the middle, my water was at the edge of the room. I went, took a sip and as I went to move back into my primo spot- SHE moved in.

She avoided eye contact.  I glared.

She had committed a fitness class faux pas- you don't bogart someone's spot during a water break!

No, it's not a written rule.  It's simple etiquette people.

And it also left me homeless.  There were no spots available.  The class is packed.  The late people had filtered in.  So as I tried to squeeze in to find a spot, people gave ME dirty looks.  Hey, I was there on time.  I had my spot.  Don't be giving me the hairy eyeball.

And to make it worse, I finally ended up next to Flailing Girl.  The one who gets a little too into it.  Everyone knows.  That's why there was space around her.  She does a little independent footwork as well.  I spent half the class ducking her wild and crazy arms as she truly marched to the beat of her own drummer.  I tried to meander to a new spot, but no go.

During the next water break I tried to get my spot back, but SHE wouldn't move.

And then I saw it.

The blinged out half shirt said-- I couldn't make this up "Jesus Loves Me."

The fact that the woman was in her 50's, had a pony tail and a tanning booth tan was hilarious.

The fact that she was in a bedazzled Jesus half-shirt was BEYOND funny.

It was a little hard to keep a straight face.  Fortunately, since she was avoiding eye contact, she didn't see me cracking up.  I kept thinking "WWJD?"  I think Jesus would have politely moved to the back of the class and let me return to my awesome spot. 

So I spent the rest of the class meandering from spot to spot, avoiding Flailing Girl and apologizing for blocking people-- because that's how I roll.  The Catholic in me runs deep- I feel guilty even when it isn't my fault.

If only Father Ed had worn a bedazzled t-shirt perhaps I would have been more confident. I would have felt it was my Christian duty to take my rightful spot in class.

But alas, I am me.

Plus, I had on my "Life is Good" shirt with the happy, smiling stick figure in the lotus position.  My t-shirt advertised peace, love & happiness.  Kicking the crap out of the bedazzled, pony tailed, overly tan Jesus lover probably would not have been the best solution.  Although I would be lying if I didn't say the thought occurred to me....

Because in the end, life is good.  Computer issues, taxes, bad drivers, craziness- it's all part of it.  And I think bedazzled Jesus would agree.

Too bad the shirt didn't say "Do Unto Others"...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunshine. Rainbows. Lollipops. Unicorns.

I hope that if you read my blog you know that I am very grateful for my life.  Very.  I'm usually freakishly optimistic. But lately...

Nothing horrible has happened.  Many tiny crappy things have.  They've all worked out.

I wrote on FB that I just wanted one day where something didn't go wrong.  I didn't need to win the lottery.  I just wanted one day where I didn't step in dog crap in the morning.  Or my computer at work didn't crash.  Or there wasn't some random software that didn't work.  Or the kids could get out of the house and not forget something.  Or I could take a hike with my kids and not have my dog get attacked by another dog who was off its leash despite the leash law.  Or that I wouldn't leave my keys on the counter at the bank.

That last thing nearly brought me to tears.

What a horrible thing to have to walk 50 feet back into the bank to get them.

Yes, I'm being facetious.

So I threw out to the universe, aka Facebook, that I wanted one day that didn't have a glitch.

I jokingly said that my mantra would be "Sunshine.  Rainbow.  Lollipops.  Unicorns."  Things that make me smile and laugh. 

My fear was, on a serious note, that if something as ridiculous as leaving my keys on the counter was about to put me over the edge, something was horribly wrong.

But on a funny note, something as simple as deciding that I was going to have a fantastic day worked.  And even funnier, I really DID repeat my mantra throughout the day.  When I had to log in 4 times rather than just one, I chanted my ridiculous mantra in my head, it made me laugh and everything was okay.

Magically, I have been a nicer mom.

I think the crappy part of being a mom and getting in a funk is that I end up taking it out on my kids.  I'm shorter tempered.  I'm easily annoyed.  It stinks.

Anyhow, "Sunshine. Rainbows.  Lollipops.  Unicorns." really did turn my attitude around, about mid-Tuesday.

Little annoying things happened.  But for some reason, they didn't really seem that bad.

People still cut me off while I drove.  My dog's neck is still a little red from the dog attack on Saturday.  My old dog is still peeing everywhere.

Nothing has changed but me.

And no, I really did not put Bailey's in my morning coffee like I joked.


There actually are a few serious things that I'm dealing with- believe it or not, I don't actually post EVERYTHING about my life.  They aren't going away any time soon.  Real issues.  Real issues that I either have to make decisions on or wait see what other people are doing. Real issues that I need to take action on.  I'm okay being stressed about them. 

I'm not okay with being upset about leaving my keys on a counter.  That's not me.

So for now "Sunshine. Rainbows.  Lollipops.  Unicorns." is working.  I know it sounds silly, but honestly, it helps me to truly not sweat the small stuff.

And I am happy to share it.  This week, if you're feeling stressed about ridiculous things-- if the person who cuts you off in the parking lot causes you to swear more than normal or if someone forgets something that you need and you act like it was a conspiracy to destroy your day-- try it.  Take a deep breath and imagine silly little unicorns jumping over rainbows with a lollipop forest in the background.  Trust me, you will laugh. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Dog was Almost Killed Today by People Too Good to Follow the Rules

It was absolutely gorgeous today.  Seventy degrees.  Sunny.  Light, cool breeze.

Before I met my husband I spent nearly every weekend hiking, usually with my friend Jon.  I would take my dogs out- Rocky who passed away a year and a half ago, and Charlie my bichon who despite his size, held his own.  I ALWAYS had them on a leash.  I won't lie- I often dropped the leash, but I learned early on that it was smart to have it drag behind so I could grab it if necessary, or step on it.  Rocky never went more than 20 feet ahead of us.  One time, Jon and I hid behind a tree just to freak him out as he came running past us, looking for us.  Rocky was a great trail dog.  Charlie rarely, if ever left my side.  The leash was fairly funny with him.  My dogs were under my control.  Always responded to me.  I never had one incident with either dog.

When my son was young-- as in 2-3 years old we would go hiking on Friday mornings.  The kid could put in 2 miles.  It was impressive.  When my daughter was born, I'd throw her in the back pack.  We stuck to the public trails.  Once I had the kids, I didn't bring the dogs because there was no way I could control them and the kids.  The dogs were not pleased.

I don't get out to hike much these days.  It bothers me.  Hiking makes me put things in perspective-- being outdoors reminds me how insignificant my problems are.  I am part of something bigger and grander.  If you're not an outdoorsy person, this probably sounds crazy to you.  If you are, you totally get it.  It's my sanity.

So today was perfect- no activities, great weather-- all week it's been windy and miserable (I can only imagine what the canyons were like).  I also wanted to see how Dixie would do on a trail. She seems like a perfect hiking buddy.  She rarely leaves my side at the dog park.  She always comes when called.

We loaded up the car, headed out and as I feared, Red Rock Canyon was packed- tourists, locals for the Saturday-- it's a zoo out there now.  I'm glad so many people have discovered the great outdoors, but honestly, they are sorta ruining it for those of us that don't just want photo ops for their "My Trip to Vegas" scrapbooks.  But whatever...

We went all the way over the Pine Creek Canyon.  There's a great little creek. It's an easy hike.  And it's far enough around the loop that not as many people go to it.  Even with that, it was fairly busy.

We did the descent and I dropped Dixie's leash so she wouldn't pull me down the rocky trail.  She stayed right by me, under my control at all times.  In fact, a few times, I had to pull her leash to get her to move on from an excellent smell!

We made it down to the creek, on a side trail -the kids splashed, the dog loved it.  She had her leash on.  It was within my reach at all times while she was in the water.  We decided to go back to the main trail (and I think it's hilarious that very few people even see the creek....), I grabbed her leash which was covered in dusty red mud, she jumped on me, I was covered and as we were laughing, I handed her leash to my husband so I could brush off.  He was in front and said "Hang on, there's a group coming- let's let them pass."  Our side trail was merging onto the main trail.
Please note the leash in my hand. This was about ten minutes before the attack. 

With 2 kids and a dog, we tend to let pretty much everyone pass.

Then their pit bull came barreling ahead- they were 20-30 feet away and sunk its jaws into my sweet, sweet dog's neck.

Now this is where the pit bull people will start saying how the dog must have been provoked.

Shut up.

We were simply standing there, with our dog on a leash and this dog viciously attacked us.  This dog that had no leash on.  The owners clearly did not have her under control whatsoever.

As our daughter screamed and the dog squealed, the owners came running up.  The man punched the dog repeatedly in the face until after what seemed like hours (it was probably 2 minutes), let go.  Our dog ran directly to me, shaking.  The kids were screaming and sobbing.  And we lost it.


And my husband let go with the "YOU HAVE A GODDAMN PIT BULL!  PUT IT ON THE LEASH."

The younger woman clearly was upset and kept asking if our dog was okay.

We repeatedly said while trying to console the kids, check on the dog, "Please, just get your dog and get out of here."

Our dog wasn't hurt severely- we just really needed them to leave.  We had nothing nice to say to them.

Instead we got an earful on how pit bulls are great dogs and we had no right to talk to them that way.

They weren't following the rules.

Their dog, not ours was off the leash.

Their dog attacked our dog who was simply standing there.

They could not get their dog off our dog.


And to make it worse- rather than leave the park- THEY STAYED.

The fact that their dog was a pit bull is somewhat irrelevant except for the fact that it nearly killed our dog.  She might have gotten more torn up from another dog, but this dog instinctly went for her neck, tried to shake her down and would not let go.  And again, she was just standing there, happy, wagging her tail.  No growls.  No nothing.  I still can't shake the image.

We took our dog to the vet. She has a small puncture wound.  Her neck is bruised.  After they shaved her coat down to make sure she was okay, the vet came in, clearly exasperated and with tears in her eyes told us Dixie's coat saved her life- she could have died.  The puncture was at her jugular vein. If we had shaved her back, like we normally do, she would be dead.  Dead.

What nice dog they have-- that's my dog's neck- her trachea. to be precise.
All because some jackass couldn't follow one simple rule- keep your dog on a leash. Period.  There are signs everywhere.  There is a law.

It's not a suggestion.  It's not just a recommendation.  It prevents exactly what happened from happening.

But it requires that everyone follows the rules.  Because clearly common sense does not prevail any longer.

And the pit bull thing--- I know so many people that have pit bulls.  There are great pit bulls at the dog park.  The owners have them under control.  They usually have them on harnesses.  At the first sign of aggression, they leave.  They understand that unlike most dogs, their jaws don't release.  Any of these people would have their dogs on a leash on a crowded day at a state park.  Because they are responsible.

The rules apparently don't apply for the people we met today.  They are the same folks that probably think they can text and drive.  Who cares if people are killed because of it?  They are the same people that park illegally.  My guess- they don't put back the shopping cart either.

Their bumper sticker "I'm a fighter, not a lover."

Well, asshole, I hope you love the $250 citation you received because if you decide to fight it, I will be there testifying with my sobbing kids.

Our dog almost died today because people are too cool to follow the rules.  I only wish we could euthanize the owners when these things happen instead of the dogs.

All I wanted was to share something that I love with my children and my dog.  And yet these people- these stupid, stupid white trash ignorant morons ruined it.  What was supposed to be a wonderful day with my family nearly turned into the horror of them screaming while watching their beloved pet torn to shreds by people who clearly only cared about being right.

If everyone followed the rules and actually cared about one another, instead of this new found "It's all about me" mentality that people have, maybe the world would be a better place.  Instead of worrying about pointing fingers, maybe we should all just try to do the right thing.

Maybe we should all try to be lovers instead of fighters.

Or maybe, just maybe, if you hike in a public place you should keep your dog on a leash.
My sweet dog.