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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Working on the Workout

My quest for fitness continues.

I'm still sticking with my original plan which was not to have a set plan, but rather a general guideline.  I committed to Weight Watchers for 6 months. I added Zumba. I've done a few spin classes here and there.  After the 6 months on Weight Watchers, I decided to take a break for 2 months from tracking and the meetings.  It wasn't because I don't think they have a good program, it's partially because it wasn't working all that well for me (I generally eat healthy) and I wanted to see how I did on my own.

Two months later, I'm fine.

I absolutely think the accountability of meeting my friends and weighing in was very effective for me.  I did realize, however, that the stickers weren't nearly as motivating as they were at the beginning.  I needed to make this for me, not to prove something to woman behind the counter (especially the one who would make snide comments).

So my next phase is the Crazy Exercise Phase for 4 months.  In June, I will be starting a Cross Fit program which is based on interval training and natural movement.  It looks a lot like the boot camp programs.  I have a few friends that have done the program and not one has a negative thing to say.  They've all gotten fantastic results (similar to the P90X feedback I've gotten). 

Until then, I will be doing a circuit training routine three times a week that a trainer we worked with about 5 years ago, came up with.  I really need to have a better baseline before I start CrossFit. I'm also going to keep the Zumba class because it's fun.  Tap dancing, which is off for the summer, is just the cherry on top (and as I've always said, I am not tap dancing for fitness- I'm doing it solely because I love it.).  I'm also trying to squeeze in a class on the weekend.  This weekend I tried BodyVive.  It was great. It's a low impact aerobic class with resistance band training and ab floor work.  It focuses on core work (which I have no core) by mixing it up a bit more than your traditional cardio/weight training class.  It hurt.  A good sign that it was working the muscles that I needed to work! 

My son is now taking a mixed martial arts fitness class at my gym (or at the MMA gym inside my gym).  It's three times a week-- hence my three times a week training!  It works out great for both of us (pun intended).  Once I start the CrossFit classes, I'll probably just do the recumbent bike or treadmill- nothing crazy.  I don't want to hurt myself.  When I'm done with CrossFit, I'll go back to the circuit training.

Basically, I'm trying to get into a routine, find stuff I like and will stick with.  I'm not going to set unrealistic fitness goals or weight loss goals.  Somewhere in the past 2 months I realized what I really wanted was to feel good- the number on the scale isn't all that important to me. If I did magically lose all the weight, I'd still have to exercise, so I've decided that for the rest of the year, I'm going to focus on the exercise portion and not the scale.

Don't get me wrong- I have a number in mind that I'm shooting for.  It just may never come.  And if it doesn't, that doesn't mean I'm going to eat junk food and sit on my butt.  And if I do hit it, I will buy a pair of Levi's with the size on the outside label and post a picture of my new, hot butt for all to see.  In the jeans-- just wanted to clarify. 

I was reminded today of a wine tasting class I took in college.  The sommelier from the former Windows of the World wrote the book and taught our intro class.  He said the best wine is simply the wine you like best. He actually mocked wine snobs.  He said if we liked ice cubes in red wine, put an ice cube in it.  Find what you like.  Enjoy it.  Try some other varietals and vintages.  Different wines are good for different situations- food and other outside factors have a huge impact on taste.  Don't let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn't like.

For me, finding a work out routine is a bit like this.  Things that used to work, aren't or I'm not enjoying them as much.  Everyone has an opinion on the right way to do things.  At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what everyone else says- professional or just friends offering advice.  I have to find what I like and what works for me.  I have to be willing to try something new.  I'm always open to the feedback, but it has to be something that I enjoy and will stick with.  Running is never going to be my thing.  At least not now.  Pilates depresses me because I can barely do anything.  I can't commit to CrossFit beyond the summer because the schedule doesn't work for me.  It doesn't blend well with the entree-- my life.

And I will keep on trying to find the perfect blend.

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debby said...

As always, you are funny AND make a really good point. Loved the quote about 'what is the best wine?'

You are far ahead of the women still heading for a number or a size. And the women who will actually pay $10 to walk into a room, have an unknown person weigh them, and walk out without staying for the meeting or the stickers--how exactly does that help you lose weight?

Anyway, love your posts. Loved your post about Facebook. Some of that advice translates over to the blog world!