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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunshine. Rainbows. Lollipops. Unicorns.

I hope that if you read my blog you know that I am very grateful for my life.  Very.  I'm usually freakishly optimistic. But lately...

Nothing horrible has happened.  Many tiny crappy things have.  They've all worked out.

I wrote on FB that I just wanted one day where something didn't go wrong.  I didn't need to win the lottery.  I just wanted one day where I didn't step in dog crap in the morning.  Or my computer at work didn't crash.  Or there wasn't some random software that didn't work.  Or the kids could get out of the house and not forget something.  Or I could take a hike with my kids and not have my dog get attacked by another dog who was off its leash despite the leash law.  Or that I wouldn't leave my keys on the counter at the bank.

That last thing nearly brought me to tears.

What a horrible thing to have to walk 50 feet back into the bank to get them.

Yes, I'm being facetious.

So I threw out to the universe, aka Facebook, that I wanted one day that didn't have a glitch.

I jokingly said that my mantra would be "Sunshine.  Rainbow.  Lollipops.  Unicorns."  Things that make me smile and laugh. 

My fear was, on a serious note, that if something as ridiculous as leaving my keys on the counter was about to put me over the edge, something was horribly wrong.

But on a funny note, something as simple as deciding that I was going to have a fantastic day worked.  And even funnier, I really DID repeat my mantra throughout the day.  When I had to log in 4 times rather than just one, I chanted my ridiculous mantra in my head, it made me laugh and everything was okay.

Magically, I have been a nicer mom.

I think the crappy part of being a mom and getting in a funk is that I end up taking it out on my kids.  I'm shorter tempered.  I'm easily annoyed.  It stinks.

Anyhow, "Sunshine. Rainbows.  Lollipops.  Unicorns." really did turn my attitude around, about mid-Tuesday.

Little annoying things happened.  But for some reason, they didn't really seem that bad.

People still cut me off while I drove.  My dog's neck is still a little red from the dog attack on Saturday.  My old dog is still peeing everywhere.

Nothing has changed but me.

And no, I really did not put Bailey's in my morning coffee like I joked.


There actually are a few serious things that I'm dealing with- believe it or not, I don't actually post EVERYTHING about my life.  They aren't going away any time soon.  Real issues.  Real issues that I either have to make decisions on or wait see what other people are doing. Real issues that I need to take action on.  I'm okay being stressed about them. 

I'm not okay with being upset about leaving my keys on a counter.  That's not me.

So for now "Sunshine. Rainbows.  Lollipops.  Unicorns." is working.  I know it sounds silly, but honestly, it helps me to truly not sweat the small stuff.

And I am happy to share it.  This week, if you're feeling stressed about ridiculous things-- if the person who cuts you off in the parking lot causes you to swear more than normal or if someone forgets something that you need and you act like it was a conspiracy to destroy your day-- try it.  Take a deep breath and imagine silly little unicorns jumping over rainbows with a lollipop forest in the background.  Trust me, you will laugh. 

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