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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

While You Were Stressing Out...

So while you were stressing out about the holidays or the debates, I left work at 5 pm (MIRACLE), made it to my daughter's performance at Barnes & Noble and the following things happened...

We couldn't see a thing because it was on a tiny stage surrounded by books and parents with technology devices.  However we coined a new phrase:

IPad Jumbotron

For when you can't see, but some tall guy in front of you has an IPad up in the air so you can watch that.


My son had the words condemn and commend confused and realized it at some point during dinner.  He couldn't tell if he had done something right or wrong and he wanted to clarify.  This was almost as funny as when he screwed up the word condiment with condom in 5th grade.  Okay, it wasn't THAT funny- because that was hilarious.

We came up with another new word:

Butt Toast

When you fart and the seat heater in the car is on and it cooks your fart.

Which is not to be confused with Fart Roaster- that is when you fart on a hot summer day in the car, shut the door, and get in the car an hour later to find that your essence has increased its power.

We played some Star Wars Heads Up while we waited for our food at dinner and might I say, my daughter is an official Star Wars geek.  She beat all of us. Proud moment.

I know that tonight I did not change the world.  We had inappropriate conversations.  We did have a nice conversation on communism vs. socialism vs. capitalism vs. social Darwinism and why I work for myself and my husband prefers a steady paycheck and how we're sorta kinda conservative in our lives but sorta kinda liberal in our beliefs.  And my son asked amazing questions and I think we did a good job answering them.

In general, we did nothing more than laugh with some friends at the concert, laugh with each other, talk about farts and Star Wars, make up some new words and to quote my daughter "This is the best dinner ever."  Not because of the food (I asked) but because of the conversation.

So there was that.

And that's kinda sorta awesome.

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