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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why I am Never Going on Vacation Again

I love my family.

I love spending time with my family.

I love to travel.

I will, however, never take another vacation again.

Now unlike many people, I live in a cool, fun place.  Millions of people come to MY city to vacation.

I am going to join them.

You see,  this time, on our road trip from Nevada to Minnesota and back, on Day 2, my daughter Zoe broke her leg.  She did nothing insane.  She simply jumped from a platform that might have been slightly higher than it should have been, with shoes on that maybe weren't the best to jump in, and she now has a full leg cast.


We had another 600 miles to go and that's not counting the 1700 miles we have to get back home.

It sucks.

And yes, of course, it sucks much more for her.  I know this.  She was in excruciating pain.  She is still in some pain.  She has to deal with the giant cast that is now her right leg.  It sucks for her.

And another vacation bites the dust.

Three years ago, Zoe ran down the beautiful grassy cliff by the Great Lakes Science Museum.  Gorgeous day.  Face planted right on the ONE manhole cover in a 2-3 acre field.  You could actually read "City of Cleveland" on her forehead.  It crushed the cellulose layer and she has a permanent half moon shape on her forehead when she scrunches her nose.  We didn't know if it was a concussion. 

Two years ago, my son Skip got a bizarre eye infection which was treated by a supposedly great opthamologist who didn't realize the drug had the opposite effect on kids.  So his eyes were swollen shut.  Then the tornado/high winds whipped by our hotel.  As my son's fever rose, we were trapped in the hotel rooms, I looked at Shane and said "Let's go home."  We ended up hanging out at home and had a much better time.  It should have been a sign.

Last year, I got sick on the last day and spent the next 5 days recovering from my "vacation."
And this doesn't count the amount of vomit I've cleaned out of the car from various road trips over the years.

Something always happens.

But here's the thing... if it happens at home I do not have to pay out of network co-pays.  I don't have to pay to sit in a hotel room with a sick child.  I don't have to pay a dogsitter.  We can do all the fun things that we want without the headache or expense.

We are saving to put in a pool next year.  If we have a pool, I see no reason to EVER leave my home for entertainment.  EVER.

My family thinks I'm kidding.  I'm not.

Momming on the road stinks.

Next year, we will swim all day, play cards and board games at night and I will make pancakes in fun shapes for breakfast.  We'll cook out or get dressed up and go some place nice on the strip.  Maybe even see a show. Maybe we can even dress in costumes and pretend we're in a foreign country.  Shane will LOVE that.

Honestly, we have a pretty fun life on a regular day- I don't think I need a vacation to spice things up or make them more fun.

So there, vacation gods, you win.

I am done.

But rats... I still have 6 states to go....and South Dakota was really lovely.... aside from the broken leg... maybe a cruise would be better...


Rita said...

The vacation gods have not been quite as hard on us...but I hear ya. We have had our share of vomit, body parts being swollen, fevers, bumps and bruises on vacation. We leave with perfectly healthy children and come home with tired, sick or injured kids. This year upon arriving to the lake house, our youngest's arm, that was completely normal when we got into the car, was red and swollen with an large hard bump when we got out of the car...we decided possibly a spider bite. He didn't seem to bothered, we located some benedryl cream, applied ice and convinced ourselves that cool lake water while swimming would be good for it. It took several days, but his arm returned to normal...just in time for his brother to step on a bee and get stung on the bottom of the foot. Both relatively minor but scarier away from home...and stuff that never happens at home. Due to budgetary constrains we usually aren't more than several hours away from home but like you we are fortunate to live in a city that thousands come to for vacation. We have world class museums, zoos and attractions to enjoy close to home. This year we almost took our first "real" vacation to Disney World but decided the money just wasn't there. Turned out our oldest was admitted to the hospital days before we would have left. Maybe it was a sign...

I know you'll enjoy the rest of your vacation despite the mishaps. You are a fun family. I hope Zoe is feeling better.
Let us know if you get the pool...maybe we'll come out by you for vacation next year. :-)

Helen said...

I knew I wasn't imagining that you've had some horrible vacays! And, as I also remember you were one of few of my friends who had great empathy for me when we had our rained out Cape Cod vacation last year. In fact I think I heard you cheer when we decided to cut things short and go home!

I hope Zoe is feeling better and that maybe a teensy bit of the remainder can be salvaged.

Definitely go for the pool. That way if I ever get out there, I'll just check into Camp Bean!