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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Tuesday I flashed my client.

Not a Full Janet, mind you.  It was more of a JCPenney lingerie catalog flash.

I had on a shirt that had a V neck, wrap around neckline.  One of my favorites.

I also have been shrinking.  No complaints.

I guess because I have been at this weight loss thing for the past year- okay 15 years- it never occurred to me that it might actually be working this time.

Well, oops.

I made a quick turn and my client- a very lovely gentleman, my age,  that I have worked with since my first year and with whom I fortunately have a close relationship- goes "Um, Lori.... a little exposure there... not that I mind..."

And there it was.

My bosom.

In the V.


Now, had it been a different client, I may have been freaked out.  But this client has known me through thick and thin.  He also had a great sense of humor.  So when I was excited that my shirt was too big, so was he.  Probably for different reasons.

A win-win.
What can I say?  I work hard for my client satisfaction scores.

I'm still not quite at the point that I want to buy a new wardrobe.  It just seems surreal that this is working....  could it be that I am actually losing weight?

Plus, most of my clothes are more in the finally-fit versus- too-loose-to-wear zone so I think I can swing it a few more pounds.

Six years ago I grabbed a dress off the rack at Target and assumed it would fit.  It was a bit narrow.  I left it hanging with the tags on.  They I put on more weight, rather than drop a few.  So it continued to hang in my closet.

I purge my wardrobe fairly often.  My 6-8's were sad to get rid of... then the 10's.... then the 12's... and then most of the 14's... all donated or given to friends.  When I lost weight 7 years ago, I got rid of all the bigger sizes.  Then I gained it back and was mad when I had to get new clothes.  In fact, that dress was one of the last non-fat-girl-store clothes I bought.  I think the only reason I kept it was that it was in the back of the closet and I missed it during the last purge.

I wore it Thursday.

I also have refused to get rid a fantastic red silk suit/dress that I bought at Talbot's after college.  I bought it a few sizes bigger because they didn't have it my size.  I meant to take it in.  I sew. Well, no worries about that-- I grew into it.  And then out of it. 

I pulled it on Wednesday.  I wouldn't wear it out in public, but I could fit it over my butt.  With effort.  And a little funky dance.

And the Snoopy t-shirt that I have on.... I honestly didn't know that it was supposed to be a long shirt that fell over my hips. I bought it, realized after that it was a "snug fit" and then relegated it to sleepwear.  I'm still sleeping in it, but it looks like an entirely different shirt.

Yesterday, I had another client sit there, staring at me.  My boob was still in my shirt, I should add. She was newly married to a long term client.  She kept staring and I finally asked if she had a question.  She said "You look radiant.... what's up?"  and I told her what I was doing.  She said she was going to ask if I had lost weight but she hadn't really seen me enough, so she thought maybe she hadn't noticed.  She wrote down the name of the book.

My parents are even ordering the book.  They've known me for a long time, so if THEY see a change...

But with all this great fun stuff happening, the reflection in the mirror still makes me sad.  I'll put something on, it will be loose, I'll be feeling all excited and full of myself and then I'll turn and see myself and think "Crap... there's a long way to go...."
But this time it's working.  I'm getting results.  In one month I've accomplished more than I did in six. More than I did in a year. 

And a few more boob flashes and I'll be shopping.

Just a few more.  Because let's face it, it's kinda fun ;)


Helen said...

I don't know if you have clothing resale shops out there but this is where they come in handy. I found that shirts last longer than anything - other than low cut shirts LOL. For example I can wear a size large shirt from size 14 down to size 8 then I have to switch to mediums. But anyway, thrift stores can help you get by with a few pieces here and there until you're really ready to shop and spend money. Congratulations, I'm really happy for you!

Mama Bean said...

But why??? I like exposing myself...

We have this store called Savers. I joke that it's where the clothes go when there's only 1 left hanging on the rack at the end of the season. I've bought a few $3 -$5 shirts in there- usually designer brands. It's the place I go in the middle of the day when I spill something on a shirt and have a meeting or if I forgot my workout clothes- no joke!

I think I have about another month before it gets bad- although the weight loss seems to have kicked in again!

Maybe I will hit that size 8 by Em's wedding...