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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I learned a new word this week-- twerk. 

I hope it's allowed in Words With Friends-- otherwise, it's just some useless trivia rattling in my brain.

Because honestly, I don't care.

I don't care the Miley Cyrus twerked.  And apparently did it badly.

It's MTVs Video Music Awards-- which is an ironic event unto itself because MTV does not even show videos any longer from what I can see.

They are, however, very engaged is showing Baby Mama shows and Rappers Being Awful to Everyone.

And Miley Cyrus is getting raked over the coals?

First of all, if you were over 21 and watched it live, I feel  very, very sorry for you.  Let it go.  Martha Quinn is not coming back.

Next, if you're worried about your children, here's an idea-- turn off the TV.

I watched the video because I believe I was legally obligated to do so.

I wasn't remotely offended.  I was disturbed.  It was weird.  The beige bikini looked awful. Her hair freaked me out.  She danced like crap.


Since I knew I clearly was losing my hipness (okay, I laughed out loud at that as I have never been hip... hippy yes, but not hip) I thought I should tune into MTV and see what other important issues- like twerking- that I was missing.  There was a show "Teen Mom 3" on.

Now that was offensive.

Teen girls who clearly do not speak English properly (he don't, she don't---- eeesh) and their loser boyfriends fight on TV.  They make having a baby look like so much fun!  All the kids should do it!

I am offended that adults put those children up to it and profit from it.  These kids clearly do not have any level of maturity even though they are parents.  And MTV is making a lot of money from it.

People should be complaining and raising a stink about that.  Not some washed up teen star having muscle spasms in her underwear (from the videos, I think that's what twerking is... I'm from Ohio... sometimes it takes me a little longer to pick up on these cool trends).

Oh- and what about the Wonderful World of Disney that creates these really, really bad teen actors/singers then disowns them once they become the trainwrecks that they are destined to become?

Can we talk about that? Have any Disney teenie boppers survived?

Grown-ups profiting from the kids.  How much more can we possibly autotune their voices and convince them that they can sing when they can't?

It's sad.

I'm not worried that Miley Cyrus is a bad role model for my daughter.  I know how the remote works.  I love that at 7 my daughter has commented that Taylor Swift only sings about break-ups with boys and she should date some nicer guys.  Seriously.  It cracked me up.

What I'm more worried about is that as adults, we've clearly been a bad role model for Miley Cyrus.  Who do you think made money off her all those years?  A bunch of "grown-ups."  And now she's a grown-up. Just like them.  Anything for a buck.

So no, Miley Cyrus did not shake the fabric of my morality by fornicating with foam phalanges.

I grew up with Madonna-- that was nothing.  That was just weird.  And bad. 

But I think we owe those kids who we use and exploit an apology.

And then we need to stop buying it.  Because we all know how the story ends- rehab, bankruptcy, a True Hollywood Story and a final accident.

 Shame on us.

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