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Monday, September 9, 2013

Things that Make Me Happy

This blog is dedicated to one of my best friends- Kim Coats.  We met at the DMV- true story.  We've had our friendship tested more than a few times.  We tolerate each others politics.  When she decided to move to Rwanda to work with a non-profit organization I think I was one of the few people who said "That is great- go for it.  You should totally do it."  She writes this great blog about her life in Africa (see the link)-- she is now working/establishing the Rwandan Cycling Team.  She and her partner's (now her husband) work inspired a documentary called "Rising From the Ashes" which details the life the riders have since the genocides- their hopes, their dreams, their futures.  I knew her before she had a passport.  Traveling the world can change you.  It has changed her.  So Kim, this one is for you-- I hope you crack up laughing.

I have become old.

I know this not from my greying hair.  Not from my near sightedness.  I know this from my behavior.

Even if I was in fantastic shape, I would still know I was old.


Because I have become absolutely, positively obsessed with stupid little things.

The dumbest, least important things ever.

Things that in the scope of life are just simply stupid.

Like what, you ask?

Well, last week, I got down to my last 5 pages in my spiral notepad.  I went to my supply room to get one and we were out.

Okay, no biggie.

I'll order more.

They don't make them any longer.

I know what you are thinking--- Mama Bean, they make spiral notepads.

Not these they don't.

I use a 6" x 9" top spiral bound yellow notepad with college ruled paper.

I have for nearly 20 years.  I use it for my task list every day.  I prioritize my task list.  I put my notes from phone calls on it.

For 20 years.

Yes, I could get a steno pad-- same dimensions, but they are Gregg Ruled.  I had never heard this term before.

Gregg Ruled means there is a line down the middle of the page.

Who uses that any longer?  Seriously?  Didn't shorthand go away about 25 years ago with the dictaphones?

And when I say they stopped making them, they stopped making them.  My assistant even emailed Mead paper company.

Not on  Not on either office supply store website.


My beautiful, beautiful system wrecked.

I was panicked.

My family, sensing my instability, went with me to search for them.  Office Depot had none.  To be honest, my husband thought I had been exaggerating.  Nothing.

I was disheartened.  He suggested Office Max.  I said I had checked online.. just forget it.  It was over.  But then, I had a change of heart, the Rocky theme in the background and thought what's one more store...


There were 10 on a bottom shelf.  I bought EVERY SINGLE ONE.

I am good to go for about 2 1/2 years.  Then, I have no idea what I will do.

Knowing me, I may start a letter writing campaign to bring them back.

That, my friends, is completely and totally nuts.

The joy I felt when I saw them on that bottom shelf-- it seriously was the same as when I got my first car.

Absolutely pathetic.

And speaking of office supplies-- I am also obsessed with the Papermate disposable mechanical pencils.  Not any pencil.  The .7 mm yellow ones.  Not Bic.  Not Pentel.  Papermate.  And just this one.

Papermate Sharpwriter  <--- best mechanical pencil

I know they are good because people steal them from my office all the time.  Okay, maybe not steal, more inadvertently pick them up, but still.  They disappear.  And I love them. Only them.

Because I am nuts.

And this pen:

Blue Medium Point Pilot Retractable Gel Pen

Not black. Blue.
Not fine point.  Medium.
Not a cap. Retractable.
Not ballpoint. Gel.

I know they are great because people ASK to take them.  What am I supposed to say?  No, you can't have that.  It's the most precious possession I have?  You trust me with your money, but no, you can't have my 75 cent pen?  I can't say that.  But I look a little crazy when they ask.

Because my life will have no meaning without this pen.  And that pencil.  And my beloved notepad.

I have lost my mind.

I knew I had started getting like this over the past few years, but if you had seen me IN MOURNING for my note pad-- it was downright sad.

What's that phrase again... First World Problems.

So I tried to convince myself that the awful Gregg Ruled pads would be fine.

But clearly, I kept searching so I never really gave up.  Over the next year, I will buy every single one that I ever see.  I will.  I will hoard them like kerosene during the apocalypse.

I have become that crazy person.

I am getting old. I like what I like because I like it and nothing else will do.


It's truly, truly pathetic.

So while my friend is worried about bombs coming from the Congo into Rwanda, I get to worry about my pens.

I feel like I should send her some.... so she can look at them and go "Seriously?"

But I bet she would say "You know... these are fantastic...."

No.  She wouldn't.  She would laugh.  At me.  Not with me.

But people, this isn't funny.  These are office supplies.

This is serious stuff.

Please say a prayer for my sanity.

Thank you.

Kim's Very Cool Blog

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Kimberly Coats said...

LOL...I so laughed out loud here in the Brussels Airport, the young man next to me giving me the "ugh, American" look. That is how I feel about my Chrome messenger bag. It has a gold seat belt buckle, they only made them ONCE for Interbike in Vegas 3 years ago. I will be buried with that bag....and my purple pen...yes, must be purple. Don't ask me why...just is.