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Sunday, January 19, 2014

44 Thoughts

I am turning 44 on Monday. It's apparently such a big deal they made it a national holiday.  I thought I would take some time and share some of the amazing insights and lessons acquired over these past 44 years.  Try not to laugh or take this too seriously.

  1. Your life will not turn out like you planned.  If you embrace the unexpected, it's probably going to be better than anything you imagined.
  2. Kids grow insanely fast.  Crazy fast.  Don't blink.
  3. Don't wait until tomorrow or next year to do that thing you want to do.  I work with a lot of older people.  Stuff happens. 
  4. It's much harder to lose weight than I ever imagined.
  5. Letting friends go is not a bad thing. Chances are they won't even notice for a year or so.
  6. Speak using proper English.  If you talk like you don't know nothing....
  7. Don't marry someone just because they asked.  Marry someone because you can't imagine a future without them.
  8. You don't have to have children.  Make sure you want to take care of someone for 18 years.  No matter what.  
  9. Public schools are only as good as the public they serve.
  10. Fact check the crap you post on Facebook.  
  11. When something bad happens, give yourself 24 hours to pout.  Then move on.  Seriously.  No one else cares and there's no point to whining.
  12. If you don't like something, change it.  Try changing your attitude first.
  13. Say a prayer or meditation of thanks every night and every morning.  It really does make for a better day and puts thing in perspective.
  14. Children need time and love, not stuff.
  15. Living abroad will change you.
  16. Be kindest to the people you love the most.  Don't take them for granted.
  17. Reality TV is not real.
  18. Dusk is my favorite time of day and I have no idea why.  
  19. Eat outside as much as possible.  Food tastes better outdoors.
  20. Learn to say "no" and feel okay with saying it.
  21. Love is a verb, not a noun.
  22. Don't expect the movie to be as good as the book.  They are different.  Go with it. Appreciate them for what they are.
  23. Don't buy a car based on the payment.  Buy a car based on the price.
  24. Have friends of all ages.  My older friends are inspiring.  My younger friends make me feel better about the future.
  25. Learn to roast a chicken.  It's easy.  
  26. Don't make celebrities and sports figures your heroes. You'll be disappointed.  It's not their job.
  27. Dance at weddings. Life's too short to be too cool to participate.
  28. Try to kiss your spouse like you're 16 as often as possible.  The kisses that never ended and usually led nowhere....(I was a fairly good girl, what can I say...)
  29. Take a staycation to enjoy your hometown more.
  30. You are not obligated to be friends with your family.  Just because you're related doesn't mean people have the right to treat you poorly.
  31. Being cool is a completely useless endeavor.  Being kind is far more important.
  32. I have no room in my life for racists.
  33. Good wine is whatever wine you like.
  34. The disclaimers on commercials are some of the funniest things I read.  I know cars don't fly...
  35. 3-D movies make me nauseous and are rarely worth the extra money.
  36. Stay up on technology.  Not only is it useful, it's really cool.
  37. The past is not nearly as wonderful as you remember it.
  38. Have one nice outfit that makes you feel unstoppable when you wear it.
  39. Write letters to your grandparents.  They will love it and you'll be amazed at what they write back.  And they will write back.  And you will treasure it.
  40. Talk to your spouse about how you want to parent.  It makes it easier to be united when one of you isn't making the "huh?" face.
  41. More is not better.  Enough is best.
  42. Sleep is the best cure for everything.  Except a concussion.
  43. Your worst moments will eventually be your best moments because they help define the person you are.
  44. I am incredibly grateful for my friends, my career, and most importantly my husband and children. 

So happy birthday to me!!

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