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Friday, February 14, 2014

Kissing- A Weird Human Tradition

To kiss: :  to salute or caress one another with the lips 

Does that even SOUND fun?

Remember when you were  kid and kiss tag was the scariest game on the playground?

Then something happens.

Suddenly the idea of smashing your mouth against someone else's and potentially STICKING YOUR TONGUE IN THEIR MOUTH is appealing.

How on earth does this happen?

I started to ponder this early this morning when I posted on my husband's Facebook wall that one of the reasons I love him is that he's a good kisser.

I'm not kidding, either.

Yes, he's kind, nice, sweet, yada yada.

But at the end of the day, Papa Bean can really plant one on me.

I met him when I was 30 and by that time, I had a kissed a boy or two.  It was really starting to get old hat.  Kissing was more of a prelude to groping.  

So when my husband first kissed me and my toes tingled- which hadn't happened in a very long time from a kiss-- it was a nice surprise.

Okay, it was more like our second kiss.

Our first kiss is a family joke.

We were saying goodnight after a wonderful day spent together.  I was leaning against my car.  He leaned up against me for what I thought would be a nice, good kiss.

I leaned in.

I opened my mouth slightly.

Closed my eyes.

And I licked his ear.

No joke.

You see my husband was going for a sweet kiss on my forehead.  A nice, gentlemanly first date kiss.

I was going in for the full frencher.

He is  6'5."

When he leaned over to kiss me 5'5" forehead, my kiss missed and landed in his ear.

I could see my husband light up as the fact that "Hey, this girl is easy" became apparent.

Then he really planted one on me.


And 14 years later, he still can do it.

We call it "Kiss me like we're in high school"-- remember how fun it was to "just" kiss?  How you couldn't stop?

I think as we age, the thrill wears off a bit.  It's a precursor to something else.  

But when done correctly and for the sake of just a kiss-- woo hoo!

I joke that my husband likes to kiss me because it shuts me up.  He has never disagreed with that.

I will never understand why smashing my mouth against his is so much fun, but I'm glad it is.

And I hope this Valentine's Day, if you have someone that you want to smash mouths with, that you find your inner high school sophomore and do it well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have some mouth smashing to do....

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The Flying Endorphin said...

Hey there! Long time no your post. Totally relate!
Hope you're doing great. xo