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Monday, April 21, 2014

Tomorrow We List Our House

We decided to list our house.

Our home.

The place where both our children learned to walk.  The only place my daughter has ever lived.

We've had many parties, holidays, birthdays here.

We've also had fights, tears and disappointments, too.

It is truly our home.

It is making me very sad.

Not that I don't want to move- I do.  Sorta.

We're actually in a weird spot.  We found a development near us that has everything we wanted in a house.  One story.  Half acre.  Near our friends.  Quiet neighborhood.

All good.

Our current home, however, might not actually sell.

Most our neighborhood was hit hard with the housing bubble.  Half the homes were bought at nearly double what they are worth today.  Many people took all the equity out.  Both houses on each side of us went into foreclosure.

So we have this weird scenario where we have a short time line to sell at a specific price so we have enough to put down and enough time to build. My in-laws are out of state for the summer, so we would have a place to live while the new home is being built.

If it all goes as planned.

If it all doesn't go as planned, we're staying put.

And I'm really okay with that.

We (and by we, I mean largely my husband and the contractors) just did some updates to the house.  New flooring which looks fantastic.  Cleaned up the landscaping.  I've been purging and sorting and organizing.  They know me at Goodwill.

And the house looks great.  A few months ago we thought we were staying and putting in a pool.  Then a few things changed and we decided now was the time.

We don't anticipate moving from the new house.  We are calling it our 40 year house.  The next stop- assisted living.  There is still plenty of time to create new memories before the kids go off to college.  It will have time to become their family home before they go off and start making their own homes.

But honestly, it's really weird.  This house has been the best home I've ever had.  The good memories far outweigh the bad ones.  It has a good vibe to it.  I smile when I pull into the driveway.

I know it's just a house- but it's never felt like that to me.  It's always felt like home.  From the first time we walked through the framing and I pretended to cook dinner.  Since then,  I've made over 11,000 meals in the kitchen.

That's a lot of meals.

We've made friends.  We've had neighborhood parties.  It's been good.

Well, most of it.

So tomorrow, we put a price on a place that has been the heart of our family for nearly 11 years.

And while in my head I know the timing is right, the opportunity perfect, it still feels a little off.

I will miss this place.

But who knows?  In this crazy market, the universe may just tell us to stay put.

And if it does, I can't say I will be too terribly upset!

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