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Friday, May 16, 2014

It sold. Well, hopefully...

We listed our house in April.  A week into it, a family came and looked at it.  I was certain they would buy it. They had eaten the peanut butter cookies I made for them, after all.

I told my husband "Those are the people that are going to buy our house."  I was certain.

Their realtor was kind enough to call me and say that they loved the house but they needed an additional bedroom.

I had been wrong.

Just got a chill.  That's hard to type.

We had a few people that liked it, but apparently 5 bedrooms is the new 3 bedroom.  We were surprised because we love our floor plan with the exception of a few things-- mainly the whole 2 story thing.  Lugging laundry up the stairs wears on you.

Then we got an offer.  A very low offer.  It was the realtor's first offer of her career.  My realtor walked her through the process.

And then someone else showed up and took pictures and measurements.

But then they wanted a 5th bedroom.

Then the first people came back as we were going back and forth with the new realtor.

And they made an offer.  A good offer.

It's all dependent upon the appraisal, of course, which right now, is weird.  But as the people who looked at our price on the slightly higher side, then looked at the others.... our house IS worth more.  There is just something about it.  For the people who are in the process of buying it-- it was our tortoise habitat.

Our house feels like home.

Because it is.

It's also clean which we learned is NOT the case for many properties.

I am VERY excited about the new home.  We are getting everything we wanted in a home.  And I mean everything.  It really was the perfect floor plan in a great location.

It should be done at the end of October-- just as my mother-in-law returns from the summer at the cabin.

My last blog talked about how everything needed to go perfectly.

Since it is, I'm worried, naturally.

Why do I do this?  Maybe it was SUPPOSED to be perfect because we made a good decision.

But here it is, 1 am, and I can't sleep.

Because we have to pack.  We have to leave our wonderful, amazing home.  Change is scary.

And what if we don't get approved for our new mortgage?? Should we have done that first... but I know we'll be fine.  The mortgage processor laughed at me.  A lot.

It's actually going to be okay.


So we're moving in a few weeks.  Just in case you don't hear from me.

A new chapter begins for the Bean Team.

Buckle up....

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