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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

In 2 minutes or by the time I post this, it will officially be the last day of 2014.

What a crazy year. 

At the end of last year, I blogged about how 2013 looked good on paper but was exhausting I vowed to make changes.

So how did it go?


I think I did yoga 5 times.

I went to a great Deepak Chopra conference and that lasted about 6 weeks.

Still fat. 

Evening walks...2 maybe 3...

Traveling- the conference and a nice trip to Yellowstone.

And cooking more... well, this summer we ate out nearly every meal because we were living in mother-in-law's house, we were busy with the new house build, etc. etc.

I did, however, stick to some good ones. 

Tuck ins were rarely missed.

Once we moved into our new house, we started having "Wine O'Clock"- we sit on our front patio and watch the sun slip behind the mountains.  We're pretty good about doing that nearly every night.

So basically, I drank and tucked my kids in.

BUT- my point last year was to start focusing on my life and live in the moment.

That, my friends, I accomplished.

It was completely nuts to sell our house.  I was tired of waiting.  I am patient by nature, but I was sick and tired of waiting for the good stuff.  I save.  I work hard. 

I didn't want to stay another year in a house that was not our happily every after home.  I wanted years of memories before the kids left for college and their own lives.

About 2 days into our new house, it was already home.

I have an AMAZING kitchen and I'm back to cooking. 

We've done more family movie nights.

We even took 2 whole walks.  It's a start.... don't judge.

And my business had its best year ever.  I've been able to work well from home on the days that I needed to be here.  My staff is amazing at the office.

I can feel the balance coming back.

So on paper, 2014 looked pretty amazing and you know what?

It really was.

Because I'm finding my groove.  I'm saying no to the noise and yes to what's important to me.

I'm back to living my life.  On my terms.

Aligning my values with actions.

It's amazing how that works.

So what's the scoop for next year?  More of the same. 

And hopefully more blogging as well- I can feel the funny coming back...

Happy New Year!!

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