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Friday, May 8, 2015

To My Children on Mother's Day 2015

A few years ago I wrote an "advice to my children" for Mother's Day.  I meant to make it an annual thing.  Last year, we were a little busy moving, so I didn't get a chance.

So this year, I wanted to get back into the swing of things.

Dear Skip & Zoey,

Once again it's Mother's Day or as I like to call it The Most Important Day of the Year.  I wanted to take a minute and share with you some advice and knowledge to carry with you throughout your life.  True motherly advice.


You're completely fine.

Seriously.  That's it.

Both of you.  As different as you are,  you are completely and totally fine.

You're smart.  You love learning new things.  You know how to make friends.  You know how to keep friends.  You know how to get rid of friends that are whiny or rude and bring you down.

Skip, your thoroughness and commitment to learning lacrosse has blown me away.  You've picked up the trombone just as quickly.  You're becoming a team leader.  You're easing through middle school and no one does that!  And withholding hugs from your mom, while not my favorite thing, is being replaced with some pretty great conversations. 

Zoey, you transitioned to a new school and just announced today that you loved it.  I know it's been hard for you. You've stuck with soccer and went from being "the funniest girl on the team" to a pretty effective goalie.  You are tenacious.  Your room, when it's not a mess, is adorable with your quirky decorating style.  You make me smile and I love that you still like to snuggle.

So I got nothing this year.

No advice.

You're doing fine on your own. 

Sure, there's mom stuff like clean your bathrooms, brush your hair, make your beds, etc., etc.

But life changing advice?


Keep doing whatever you're doing.  Those inner compasses we all have, well yours are doing a great job pointing you in the right direction.

To say I'm proud, is an understatement.

This Mother's Day, I say thank YOU.  Thank you both for being great kids.  Thank you for making my life full of fun, laughter and joy.

I was never really sure if I would be a good mother.  I'm still not sure I'm a good mother.

What I am sure of is that I'm having a great time being YOUR mother.

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