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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Watching HGTV with my Daughter

Like most American women I love watching HGTV.  It started 2 years ago when I stumbled upon "Love it or List it" when my husband and I were debating whether we should, in fact, love our house and do some improvements or list it and move on.  We moved on.

So then it became about watching shows for decorating ideas.

And, since my husband prefers watching shows that occur in Alaska or involve people wearing flannel, he would often groan when I would turn it on (although he did like "Love it or List it" as well). 

My daughter, however, has recently decided that she LOVES the channel.  "Property Brothers, " "Fixer Upper" and "Love it or List it" are her faves.

This has made ME love it even more because nothing is funnier than listening to my daughter comment on the programs.

If you're not familiar with "Property Brothers" it's two twin brothers where one poses as a contractor and the other poses as a realtor.  I would say they are these things but I have my doubts....  ANYHOW, the find a couple with unrealistic expectations, show them the perfect house which is ridiculously out of their price range, then take them to fixer uppers, chose one and then spend the last half of the show remodeling it. 

It's her very favorite.

After watching them show the unsuspecting couple the overpriced house:  "Well that's just mean...." then adding "If they don't want to do a reno why are they on the show?  Haven't they seen it before?"  Because EVERY time the people respond the same way.  As if they are shocked the first house will be overpriced and they have to remodel.  That's the point of the show.  Don't looked so surprised folks.  She's now taken to saying "DON'T FALL FOR IT!!"

"What's the big deal with open concept?  All they do is knock down a wall and put in an island... every time. "  Yep.

"Why do they only fix the kitchen?  What about the rest of the house?"

On "Fixer Upper:"

"Does everyone want French Country?  What is that anyway?"

"All the houses look like hers...."

"Why does everyone get white cabinets?  And what's with the open concept?"

"All these houses end up looking the same...."

On "Love it or List it"

"Here we go.... here's the disaster...."  At the 30 minute mark something awful will happen and we always try to guess... plumbing?  electrical?  foundation?  Either way, that closet expansion or master bath reno has to go.....

"The other realtor (the Toronto show) is mean.  I like this guy (Vancouver dude) better.  Why does he have to be so mean?"

"I bet they tear down a wall and add an island...."

"Maybe if they cleaned up, they wouldn't need a bigger house...."  you should see her room, by the way.... she could learn from herself.

"They are totally gonna list it... that other house was great.. WHAT?  They are staying??"

But my favorite was Saturday night when she looked at me and said "You know, if I had an unlimited amount of money, I could make this place look nice...."

Me, too.  Welcome to reality. 

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Lady Charmaine Day said...

Lori, hello beautiful!! You truly are a gifted writer.I love your writing!! You have a way of expression that is so wonderful. Keep doing what you do because you are truly talented and YOU take the reader on a journey. Thank you. I appreciate your blog and YOU!! Sending you a big hug ((HUG)) from my side of the world. Lady Charmaine