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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pick a topic, any topic...

I don't have anything to really blog about or maybe there are too many things that I can't focus.

  • Japan- holy crap. 
  • The middle east- who would have ever thought that YouTube could start revolutions? I had thought it was about kitties playing the piano.
  • Nuclear meltdowns- holy crap, again.
  • Back pain and idiotic insurance companies forcing me to address symptoms and not causes.
  • The weather- is it me or is it completely insane this year?
  • Public schools- seriously, can they cut more?
  • Boob reductions- I need one, why do I feel guilty about it?
  • Morons who voted in the people that are now cutting their pay and complain about it- smack.
  • Government- you ARE the people- try working FOR the people and not just getting re-elected
  • Friends who you realize are really frenemies or simple idiots
  • Being on hold for more than 4 hours in 72 hours

So that's the delay in my most recent blogs- my head is blogged with too much stuff.  I blame the prednisone.

Please, pick a topic- there's just too much to choose!  I feel completely competent to rant on any topic!!


Rita said...

I choose insurance companies only addressing symptoms and not causes. Since our system is a for-profit system nobody makes money if you actually get better. As a side note - I was a licensed insurance broker for over 10 years and could never bring myself to actually sell insurance.

Vicki said...

I choose "frenemies & idiots" for $1000 Alex! Only because I see that as way more humorous than government :)