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Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Wow, you're always on Facebook...."

No.  I am not.

And first of all, if you can see me on Facebook, you must be there as well.

Here's my deal...

I originally joined Facebook to stay in touch with my friend Kim who has been working in Africa for the past year and a half.  I log in at night, catch her in the morning, we chat.  It's nice.  She may not always have electricity or water, but Facebook is usually working.  I love the irony.

Then I discovered Scrabble.  I have 14 games going.  I've always done daily crossword puzzles but now I get to play with friends from all over the country.  I love it.  I'm not embarrassed by it whatsoever.  It's fun.  It makes me think.

During lunch, I eat at my desk and play Scrabble.

When I'm on hold- which is sadly about 30-90 minutes of my life daily- I update my status on my phone, read other people's updates- I can't really start on something new.  Our firm recently added a "Your estimated wait time is more than 5 minutes" regardless if it is 2 minutes or 20 minutes.  It's a crap shoot.  My job is fairly detailed and interruptions are a bad thing. Hence, screwing around on Facebook on my phone while I listen to terrible hold music, seems like a decent use of my already wasted time. I also am not a huge TV watcher.  This frees up hours of time for me compared to most Americans.

And then I come back to my original comment-


And a few other million people.

Get over yourself.

Through Facebook I've gotten back in touch with some great college friends, friends from all over the world that I've met through my various travels, and people that I used to work with.  Prior to email, it was much harder to stay in touch.  I lost contact with a lot of people who truly mean something to me. I get to see pictures of their children, see what they are up to and share my life with them as well.  If we lived in the same town or country, we would do this over coffee.

My former secretary (who I loved) laughed when I said "No, seriously, I know everyone on my 400+ friend list with the exception of 5 people."  She made me go through the list and share a story about the person-- by #35 she said "Okay, I believe you."  I am a professional friend collector.

My friend list is like an autobiography of me. If you're on it, it's because I consider you a part of my life.

And my blog....

My "friend" commented on the frivolity of it.  He, of course, was far too busy to do something like blog.


Since I was 5 years old I have wanted to be a writer.  I've always written.  I journal.  I loved being on the school newspaper. I aced all my college writing classes.  The GMAT even asked to use my essay as a sample.  If you've ever received an email from me, trust me, you know, I write.

Do what you love for free.  Isn't that the mantra? 

And this is no accident.  I'm trying to find my voice.  To find what I really write well about.  I'm using all of you as my test audience.

When I find the voice (it's been busy being a mom and running a business), I'll narrow it down.  I'll become a better writer.

I'll use my blog to generate some interest in my writing.  It might get picked up.  It might turn into something fun that I love to do. 

Oh wait, it already is.

Or maybe it will just be a nice way to document some really funny stuff that happens in my life. 

Like today.  I let a guy cut in front of me at the grocery store.  I had a full cart.  He had 5 bunches of bananas.  So I asked him the obvious question:

"Do you have a pet monkey?"

He stared at me like I was a moron.

Which made it even funnier.

And maybe one or two of you laughed.  Maybe the next time you're at the grocery store and you see someone with a bunch of bananas, you'll laugh to yourself.

And my blog will have been worth it.

Plus, the beauty of it is, if my posts or blogs seem somewhat too much- don't read them. 

For me, life is much more fun being a participant than a voyeur passing judgments.

But please don't worry that I am wasting away in front of a computer-- I am not. I have a very fun, full life.  But you know that already, because you read about it.  I hope it makes you laugh and smile as much as it does me.

Thank you for allowing me to share.  Thank you for taking the time.

And as for my judgmental "friend"-- well Facebook has a button for that...


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Lyn said...

Touche' my friend! It's like people who bitch about a TV show, a movie, or a book...if you don't like it turn it off, don't go, or don't read it. I, for one of many, love your witty repartee (not sure about the spelling of that one - only an English teacher would be worried about that). Write on!