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Friday, February 1, 2013

And Today's New Obstacle...

First, I apologize for the excessive blogging.  I use to keep 2 blogs because I feared my fitness quest would be annoying and overwhelming, but it's too much.  As my friend Helen pointed out, my fitness quest IS part of Mama Bean's World and people can skip them if they choose. 

Okay-- so today's new obstacle in my quest to stick to a routine..... drumroll please...

My dogs.

We have 3 dogs. 

A very old Bichon Charlie who is 15 and has been given 6 months for the past 3 years.  The dog doesn't want to give up.

A very new Lab Oliver who just turned 1 and joined us in November from what my daughter refers to as the Las Vegas Lavatory Rescue. (That should be labrador in case you thought we were into salvaging toilets).

A very perfect Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix Dixie who is about 3. 

It has been slightly chaotic, but honestly entertaining.  We added Oliver to the mix because sweet Dixie really needed a playmate.  It has worked out well except for a few things:

Oliver is giant and thinks he is a tiny puppy.
Oliver doesn't listen.  At all.

We are trying.  He is sweet and that saves his butt. 

Oliver also talks.  Or vocalises as they call it in Dog Lover World.

It is hilarious.

But not at 4:45. 

He also eats more than any dog I have ever lived with.  He inhales foods and then looks at you like you Oliver from "Oliver Twist" with "more, please" in his eyes.  In fact, it's why we kept his name.  It fit.

So now, when the alarm goes off, I am greeted, in the dark with this howling "FEED ME!  I AM DYING" noise. 

Did I mention Oliver is a black lab?  Or in the dark, an invisible lab?

I have to work my way through the bedroom, get dressed in the dark, avoid the giant garbling ghost who is following me and telling me to move a little faster.  Or sniffing my butt.  It might be how he says good morning in Dog World but in the dark, half asleep, it's not welcomed.

Then I to work my way down the stairs over 2 wrestling dogs.  In the dark.  One who I cannot see.  Thank goodness Dixie is light.

I'm not sure if they are trying to see who makes it first down the stairs and end up fighting about it or if they are trying to kill me.  It's a toss up.

Then, this week my very old dog Charlie has decided to awaken.  Usually he sleeps 20 hours a day.  Lately, he seems to have perked up.  So now he wants to eat, too.  He flat out barks.  And I can't feed him because Oliver will eat it.  I have to wait until we leave for the day and Oliver is in the crate or I stand by his dish which I do not have time to do........  but on to the new routine...

By now, Oliver is DYING.  He is simply starving to death and singing an aria about it.  So I feed him.  Then I try to get Dixie fed quickly, because if I don't, Oliver will eat her food as well.

And poor Charlie, barking.  So I give him his morning medication.  But of course, he also has to go out.

Which would be easy of he could walk.  He is really having a hard time.  So I have to open the door and wait for him to go out.  We're not talking 2 minutes.  This is a 10 minute ordeal. Did I mention he has cataracts and is blind?  It's dark at 5 am.  So I have to call to him so he can find his way back to the house.

And not for nothing, I love my dogs, but IT'S 5 AM AND I JUST WANT TO GET TO THE GYM AND BACK!

I don't have any flexibility on when I finish.  I have to be back by 6:15 so my husband can leave for work.  Which means I have to stop working out at 6.  Period.  No questions asked.

I don't have an extra 20 minutes in the morning for dog loving.

Call me cold hearted....

My husband has managed to leave the house early for years and Charlie never even wakes up.  But with me-- eyes wide open, feed me, I have to pee, where are my drugs.  Oliver chills after he feeds them.  It was all working out so nicely.

Until I decided to mess with it.

Because it really is the only time I have to work out.

And now, it's looking like I'll have to add more time in the morning to allow for Dog Maintenance.  Great.

I will soon be going to bed at 8.

But I am not going to give up.  As much as it sucks, I am always amazed at how much better I feel so quickly.  I was going to sleep in this morning but I couldn't.  It wasn't the best work out, but I went.  Every time I try to lift a little more, go a little faster.  It ain't pretty, but I'm trying!

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