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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Could this be a habit?!?!

Now I've probably jinxed it....

But seriously, I tried to sleep in today and I couldn't.  I have a stupid cold coming on and I thought "Hmmmm.... I need the sleep...."  I gave myself 5 minutes- the dogs gave me 2-- and I got up and went to the gym.

I'm having an awful time at night with eating.  It's by far, the worst part of my day food wise.  Once I start, it's like I erase all the good stuff I did all day.  I definitely think the earlier bed time is the key.  Or duct tape.  Duct tape would definitely work....

The juicing is going well.  I like it.  It gives me more energy.  I've got no complaints.  My skin, which had been looking good while I did the Whole 30, is  clearing up again.  And speaking of the Whole 30, one more friend tried it and lost 12 pounds!  Way to go Vicki!!  And like everyone else her comments focused more on how she felt- not the scale. 

With that said, I really need to get back on the band wagon with it.... I'm just being lazy.

But I am not being lazy about the gym.  Sorta.  I'm not exactly killing it when I'm there, but I am noticing a difference after 2 weeks.  I can lift a little more.  The jogging doesn't suck (although seriously, unless someone is chasing me- a clown with a knife, perhaps-- I have no desire to run).  My goal is to get a better baseline and then do Crossfit with a trainer over the summer. I'll have more flexibility then.  I don't think a class will work, but 1-2 times a week with someone trying to kill me sounds good.  Well, not good, but effective. 

So to bore you with details, what did I do today--- mainly an arms day.  I used the Freemotion machine to do tricep crossovers.  Then I used dumbbells to do the crossbody pulls-- where you hold the weight in your left hand, reach down to the right of your right leg, squat, twist up and open your chest (kinda like a yoga move- warrior to triangle).  Some curls with the dumbbells (about 60- 6 variations at 10 reps) .  Throw in some walking, a little jogging and 200 ab crunches and 30 back extensions- 20 with a twist.  Oh- and 15-12-10 set pyramid of squats (on the machine-- Doug, don't yell at me-- I know I should use the free weights-- next week... I promise). I burned 360 calories according to my heart rate monitor and my heart rate averaged 132.  Again, not killing myself, but right now it's about getting in a consistent routine, building some muscle and trucking along.  

Tomorrow will be focused on cardio.  Hopefully, I can get on the rower.  So abs, rower, jogging/walking and chest.  Can't wait. 

And I'm also not getting on the scale.  Maybe once a month I'll give you an update, but it really doesn't matter.  It matters that I'm going.

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