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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Things that I missed and the World missed since I'm not on Facebook

It would certainly be easier if EVERYONE quit Facebook (no offense to Mark Zuckerman).  It seems as if everything I'm involved with organizes via Facebook, so I've been obligated to pop on about twice a week to see if I'm missing anything. 

But first, let me share what I would have posted and what you've missed:

On the way to school my daughter informed me that she doesn't like choir.  Apparently, all they do is sing.

Alas, Fall has arrived.  Could not be happier.

My husband and I just had an entire conversation about which one of us was taking our son to lacrosse.  We both showed up in the living room at the same time in our pajamas while our son was in the car waiting.  Oops.  #marriagemiscommunication

My daughter decided that her award winning Minecraft costume was not the most practical.  Two hours in a box, while worth a trophy, was not worth obstructing her candy gathering.

Parents who don't volunteer and step up need to shut up.  Thank you.

My son is finding it annoying that he likes me.  He even told me.  "I've got nothing to complain about."  I offered to give him something to complain about....

Who let the dogs out?  Me.  Thank goodness my husband saw them down the street.  HOLY CRAP.

Our Girl Scout troop seriously rocks.  What a fun group of girls.  I'm loving it.

I really, really, really would like to finish our backyard.  I totally understand how the emperor of China felt when building the Wall.  It's exactly the same.


My son makes middle school look easy.  How is that possible?

My daughter's teacher is making her work her tail off.  I love it.  She will never get a B in English for the rest of her life because of Ms. Lee.

My husband's new job means he's home in the morning a little longer.  It's weird.  Really weird.  I hope he realizes it took 13 years of training the kids to make it look so smooth in the morning.

I had horrible gas last night on the way home from work.  When we got in the car this morning my daughter commented that the garbage really stunk.  No sweetie.... it's not the garbage...

So that's what YOU missed.

This is what I apparently missed as I scrolled through....

Starbucks coffee cups are red and green and this is offensive for some reason.  My response would be: "I didn't see the cups.  All the boxes of food they had collected for the Las Vegas Mission were blocking them."

Thrice married Donald Trump finds the cups offensive to Christians.  My response: "Donald Trump is a Christian?  I thought he was his own demi-god...."

Caitlyn Jenner was Glamour's Woman of the Year.  "And...."

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani are a thing.  "Okay."

The Sex Ed debate will never end in our school district because people think gay people don't exist and teens don't have sex.  "Wow.  People are really, really, really stupid."

So as I scrolled through, aside from my friend Lisa's vacation pictures and my friend Mike's hilarious memes, I hadn't missed much.  Much at all.

A lot of anger over silly things.  A lot of stories about people I don't know or care about.

And it fits in perfectly with my desire to live a smaller life.  Live in my little bubble for awhile.   Where my husband and I are constantly tripping on each other, the kids are funny and my life is good.

You are welcome to join me here to share that.

But the rest of the stuff... it's yours. 

I'm out.

And happy.


Teresa M said...

Love the choir statement, curious to know what else she thought they would be doing.

Communication and the lacrosse incident, I think many of us can relate to that situation.

Red and green Starbucks cups - I don't get the uproar either. Unless someone was going to repurpose them and it doesn't fit their crafting plan, they're cups. Way more important stuff to expend energy on like sex ed.

Lady Charmaine Day said...

Lori, hello beautiful!! Thanks for this post. Facebook is not the same without YOU. Sending you a big hug ((HUG)) from my side of the world.

Lady Charmaine Day said...

Lori, hello beautiful!! Thanks for this post. Facebook is not the same without YOU. Sending you a big hug ((HUG)) from my side of the world.