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Sunday, January 29, 2017

This is NOT How You Felt When Obama was Elected

Please stop telling me that the world wide protests and denouncements from the Pope and most global leaders are how you felt when Obama was elected.

Either he was a really bad President or your fears were completely misguided.

You thought he was Kenyan and would overthrow the US government.

He was not.  He did not.

You thought he was Muslim and would  close down Christian churches.

He was not.  He did not.

You thought he was secretly working with terrorists and would take away our guns.

He was not.  He did not.

You thought he was a socialist and would force our country into socialism.

He was not.  He did not.

You thought he was racist and would only appointment blacks to run our country.

He was not.  He did not.

What he DID do was work very closely with the prior administration to transition multiple wars and the second worst financial crisis in our nation's history.

What he DID do is sign a bill by Congress to provide voucher health insurance options to more than 20 million people and help states fund their Medicaid programs to help people through the financial crisis.

What he DID do was allow the Congress to write Dodd-Frank to help strengthen our financial system and protect investors.

Was he flawless?  Absolutely not. 

But he was not a Kenyan, socialist Muslim hell bent on destroying Western Civilization.

The current POTUS has yet to disclose the details of his businesses, transfer them to a BLIND trust, provide his tax returns.

In a week he has sparked protests by millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands world wide.

He wants to arbitrarily punish refugees who have been more thoroughly vetted than he has.

He continues to maintain a bizarre relationship with a country that is slowly moving into smaller eastern European countries.

He has betrayed allies and our trading partners.

He has started implement trade policies which could be significantly detrimental to our economy.

President Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. That means he's really, bigly smart about law stuff.

The current guy has no idea of which he speaks.

We already have lawsuits filed against him for violating the Constitution.

So no, under no circumstances is this ANYTHING like electing Obama.

Your fears of Obama were based on alternative facts.  The biggest generated by the man who replaced him.

That means lies.  By a notorious liar.

MY fears are based on what's going on- what he said he would do, what I believed he would do and what he is actually doing.

Give him a chance, you say.

His perpetual Executive Orders being given to him by the real President Bannon are crazy.  He is trying to override the authority of Congress.

Obama's Executive Orders were to not deport people who were brought to this country as children without proper documentation.  He also deported more immigrants than any other prior President. 

He didn't offer to spend BILLIONS of dollars building a wall along a fence that already exists.  Because apparently, there is money for a wall but not for the children covered under the CHIP program that provides them health insurance.  Because Mexican immigrants are rapist and killers- even though there's no evidence to show that's an issue.  And the 9/11 terrorists entered through Canada.

So again, it's not even close to the same.

Your friends were not threatened with deportation in a matter of days after he took office.  There were no benefits stripped away from friends who had critical diseases and may have already hit their lifetime cap.

In fact, your life more than likely got better over the past 8 years but I guess better wasn't good enough and you wanted more.

Or maybe it was because at the end of 8 years, Obama was still black.

Because in 1 week, there has been so much damage done, I'm surprised the Russian tanks aren't already lining up ready to take back their former Soviet States.

Because we would never know.  And based on the bromance, we never will.

I'm all for securing our borders.  I'm for fair trade. I'm not found of our intervention in the middle east.

In fact, in a normal world, I would be a conservative Republican.  But there is nothing conservative or Republican about bullying cities into doing federal work on immigration or adding ridiculous tariffs on products which will only get passed on to consumers, because you think a bigger wall will help.

This isn't a snowball fight.

Regulating women's health products (birth control is once again a thing-- despite Viagra being completely acceptable for public funding) is not conservative.  Telling people which religion they can be isn't conservative either. 

And twittering non-stop-- can you imagine if Obama had done that?  His wife couldn't wear a sleeveless dress without negative commenting.

And we have the leader of the free world writing tweets at 3 am.


It's really not the same.

If it WERE the same, you would have been out protesting-- and not in groups of 30 or 40- but by the millions like we have been.

Unless you think that's too much work.

Because it is.

So whose the snowflake now?

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