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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

41 Things I've done in 41 years

Last year on Facebook for my birthday, I made a list of 40 things I learned in the first 40 years- the things I know are true.  Then recently, I posted about my perpetual bucket list.  While I generally try to drive my life looking through the windshield, I believe sometimes it's good to look into the rear view mirror to see where you've been.  I get tired of the motivational seminars that have you write down where you want to be, where you're going, etc.  When do we ever get to appreciate where we've been? Our funerals?

My personal goal in 2011 is to be more grateful for what I have and not resentful of things I've lost or jealous of what others have.  With the past recession, the political discourse, the war- the last 10 years have slowly turned me more negative than I've ever been.  This exercise made me smile and appreciate how fortunate I am for the opportunities I've had, my husband, my terrific kids and the amazing circle of friends I've acquired over my life time-- so far!

While there's a lot I still want to do, looking back, I've had a pretty fun and amazing life so far!

1.  I was the mascot in college.
2.  I've hiked to Tortuga Bay, a hidden bay in the Galapagos Islands which had the most beautiful beach I've ever seen.
3.  I relived 45 minutes of my life when I flew back from Tokyo and landed before I took off.
4.  I've been kissed well in the pouring rain.  And yes, it was as romantic as in the movies.
5.  I survived a ruptured appendix when I was 10 and had been told it was just a bad stomach ache.
6.  I've bailed a friend out of jail. 
7.  I've been to 4 continents.
8. I've been to 43 states.
9. I've danced the merengue until the wee hours of the morning.
10.  I started a business 15 years ago that had a 5% success rate and am doing well.
11.  I started my masters when I was pregnant and finished in 2 years because someone commented "Well, I guess you're never going to get that done."
12.  I've conducted a marching band in the former Silver Dome and Hoosier Dome (whatever they are called these days).
13.  I have a Ducktorate Degree from Disney University's college program.
14.  I've made both my kids laugh so hard they've puked.  They are the best.
15.  I've eaten escargot (butter flavored goo balls).
16.  I've blogged.
17.  I've been the first straight person 3 people have told when they've come out of the closet.
18.  When given the opportunity to throw a high school election by 2 "adults", I graciously said no thank you.
19.  I made my college interviewer drop his pencil and laugh out loud when I said I read "Cosmo" and "The Rolling Stone."
20.  I got a lot of scholarship money for #19.
21.  I then dropped out of college and went back.  I think that puts me in a very small minority.
22.  I had a booth next to a leather speciality shop at Gay Pride one year and learned more about chaps than I ever thought was possible.
23.  I called off a wedding 6 weeks before.
24.  I called off 3 other engagements as well.
25.  I had 17 jobs from ages 16-25 and am stunned that I finally found what I love to do.
26.  I've "lost" my shadow at noon at the equator (you don't have one).
27.  I flew over a rainbow.  I didn't see any bluebirds, though.
28.  I've been to Broadway shows. 
29.  I've been a better mother than I ever thought I had the capacity to be and equally as surprising, love it.
30.  I am a recently registered bone marrow donor.
31.  I once accidentally got stuck in a drunken lie regarding knowing sign language far better than I did- and got called out on in it in one of the most hilarious moments of my life.
32.  I drove down the Strip with 3 terrific friends, sunroof open at 3 am with "Ave Maria" cranked on the stereo (sung by a good friend).  Still gives me chills to think about it.
33.  I stayed out until 4 am when I was 40.  The next day was painful.
34.  I've had my heart broken twice and survived.  I realize this does not correlate with my engagements. 
35.  I've driven every mile of I-70- both ways.
36.  I was a Boy Scout.
37.  I've shot a pistol and a rifle.
38.  I washed dishes at a restaurant and loved it.  Great moisturizer and plenty of time to think and contemplate life.
39.  I've sung karaoke.  Drunk AND sober.
40.  I sat 10th row at a Wiggles concert.  It was not as bad as it sounds.
41. I married a great guy that I adore with whom I have the 2 silliest, funniest, smartest, nicest kids I could have ever imagined.  By far, this is the best item on the list. 

So that's a glimpse of my past 41 years.  I can't wait until I'm writing this again at 82 on my virtual mindscan utility tablet.  I wonder what color my flying car will be....


Chile Bravo said...

Great List. Happy Birthday Mama

Tory K said...

Awesome post Lor. And great perspective.
Keep em coming!