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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The bubble has burst....

My name is Lori.

I am a mom. 

I am a wife.

I have a small business.  (A real one.  With an office.  Not some at home, multi-level marketing crap.  When I start with mom, it often throws people off.  Like my idiot neighbor who is constantly asking me if I work from home.  Yes, every morning for the last 7 years when I wave to you in my suit as I get in the car, I am driving to my living room.  Dillweed.)

Funny things always seem to happen to me.  Always.

I used to keep most of my thoughts about this to myself, in a comic strip bubble cloud above my head.  Like the parenthetical above. 

With the encouragement of friends, I have elected to make these bubble-thoughts public information.

Stay tuned.


Kimberly said...

YES...welcome to the Blog world. Can't wait to read about your "bubbles".

DiAnne said...

Weird things happen to everyone. What makes you special is that no matter how busy you are, you can pause long enough to enjoy the weirdness. Even better, you have a talent for sharing the weirdness so that all who read your words wish they could experience the weirdness that you enjoy. Well, except for the dog pee. None of us wants to have pooch piss on us.