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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shopping and me

I hate to shop.

There.  I've said it.  I've outed myself.

I should state there are 3 exceptions to this-- farmer's markets, Williams-Sonoma and book stores. 

If you're a good friend you already know this about me.  If you're a good friend and don't know this about me, well, I was just being polite when you drug me around shop after shop after shop.


Passionately.  Vehemently.

Malls make me want to run screaming.

And it's not because I got fat and hate to shop for clothes.  I hated shopping for clothes when I was a size 8.  I loved when I found that I could order everything from catalogues in college.  And then Amazon... oh, sweet Amazon.  What a great service.

But holy cow, mindless wandering makes me nuts.

I am a buyer.  I make lists.  I buy the things on the list.  I then leave the store.

This really came into play this weekend.

My husband and I spent a romantic weekend in Santa Fe, NM.  I had a business trip and we dove tailed it into a long weekend to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  I'd been there once, on a quick trip.  Everyone said how great it was.

It is a very cool city.  Tons of history.  Lots of restaurants.

And an insane amount of shops.

Specifically jewelry shops.

Which would be a great thing if you liked to shop and liked jewelry.

Two things I don't understand.

When we asked the concierge what to do, "Oh shopping!  You'll love it."

No, no, I will not.

I tried.  Honestly.  I did.  But I couldn't keep a straight face.  I tend to mock people who shop.

After a half day of faking it, I 'fessed up to my husband.  I was having a miserable time shopping.  He said he thought I was shaming my X chromosome.  The good news, he's not really a shopper either.

I just don't get it-- wondering around looking at stuff that I don't want or need?  Why?  I'm not a knickknacky gal. Why on earth would I buy a dreamcatcher?  Ever?

So I guess this means I am an embarrassment to not only my gender, but my country as well.  If you really want to see my freak out, take me to a Super Wal-Mart.  I nearly get hives.

The good news, if I ever doubted that my husband was my soul mate, I have no doubt whatsoever now.  Today, sensing that I couldn't look at another piece of turquoise or chotchky, he found something I would really love-- The Museum of Nuclear Science and History.  And yes, he loved it, too.

Rather than try to be normal and get all excited about a designer geode on a mirrored display  (I prefer to find geodes in the desert, not a gift shop), we got our geek on and went to the museum.

Ahhhh.... now that was fun.

In fact, I even bought a t-shirt that said "Talk Nerdy to Me"-- a secret clearly my husband already knows.



Sarah said...

I have a feeling your not alone in this Lori . I hate shopping too . I drag my feet and whine like a toddler if forced to shop for too long :-)

Rita said...

Happy Anniversary!