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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Summery of Summer (typo intentional)

If you're a loyal blog follower you know last summer sucked in Mama Bean's World.  A broken leg, broken arm, lice, record heat in Minnesota, record rain in Minnesota, mosquitoes in Minnesota and breast reduction surgery that had a few complications.

Fun times.

This summer was better.

We banned the word vacation since bad things happen on vacations.  I slipped and used it before we headed out to a weekend at Disneyland.  I broke my finger less than 12 hours later, 2 hours before we left.

I'm not joking.

We called our other mini-vacations "adventures."

I took the brunt of the injuries this summer with the broken finger and a broken tooth to end out the season.  But overall, all minor.

I did not lose 30 pounds.  But I can run a mile (barely) and do more fitness wise than I had thought possible.  I relearned how to sweat when I worked out. 

I also realized that for whatever reason, my head is not into dieting right now.  I'm working on that. 

And I worked.  Because someone has to keep the economy going.  With my assistant out on maternity leave, we hit the jackpot with our temporary summer staff and are keeping everyone on, part-time, in the fall.  It's nice to have a full office again.

Oh- and I finally got my car fixed from the 2 tiny fender benders.  And since I'm such a nice person, they used the extra paint and fixed all the scratches and door dings.  It looks like I have a new car.  Sweet.

My daughter learned to swim.  She knew last summer, but it was interrupted by the broken leg.  She's doing well.  She watched way too much TV, but eventually got bored on her own and started to draw.  A lot.

My son became a bit of a computer addict this summer.  We're not proud and we're weaning him off of it.  In fact, just last night he started reading "The Hunger Games" and I think he's almost finished as I type.  Yes, he may be young to read it, but honestly, he'll be fine.  And he's reading.  Not playing video games. 

My parents moved out here.  It really has been nice.  I know.  I'm as shocked as they are.  It doesn't look like they will stay past their 1 year test, but still, it's been nice for them to see my life.  They really don't know the grown-up me.  I think they figured out I'm actually okay.  As a parent, that must be a huge relief. 

And my husband.  My beloved husband FINALLY got the summer he's dreamed of-- nothing to do.  For the past 10 years he's either been doing grad school, continuing ed classes or some sort of special licensure training.  He kept the house extremely tidy all summer.  I will miss that.  And he lost MORE weight.  He's officially moving into the "hey, your husband is cute" zone. 

My favorite part, so far, had to be reconnecting with my friend Deanne and meeting her family.  The trips up to Utah to see Grandma and her new hubby (I can't tease them about shacking up anymore) were also fun. 

The past 3 days that I worked from home and spent with my kids were pretty great, too.  My son said they were "perfect.  Reading, puzzles, movies, pottery- all fun.  And we even got a compliment yesterday when we went out to breakfast.  The woman next to us said I had the most wonderful children and I was an excellent mother.  I told her I had great kids.  Then I added it was because I hadn't fed them in three days.  I hope she knew I was kidding.  But it was really cool to have someone say that.  It's been awhile.  I had thought I had lost my mom touch.

So this summer we survived.  We were all a bit trepidacious at the beginning of the summer--what doom lurked in the shadow of the hot desert sun?  I still don't want to jinx it-- there's 3 days to go...

I will take a broken finger, one size smaller in lieu of 4, a cracked tooth  if that means my family had a nice, restful break from the craziness of their lives.

On Monday, I will be back to packing lunches, checking backpacks, planning the schedules, giving good-bye hugs.  I will be happy that we will be back to normal.  A nice routine.  That's my thing.

I would complain that I didn't get much of a break, but  I know that this time is flying past.

I've read all the posts about friends taking their kids off to college-- and I know that will be me sooner than it seems.  I can take a break then.

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