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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Living in a Post-Crossfit Olympic World

With my broken finger, I have not been able to put any pressure on my hand.  To quote the doctor "It's a minor break, let it heal, don't screw around with it, it's your hand.  It's only 6 weeks."

Only 6 weeks.

I was 6 weeks into my Crossfit routine.  I only had the summer.

I was finally getting some momentum.

I finally found something that I loved.

I finally found something that pushed me.

Six weeks meant it was over.

I emailed the coach a few times.  I tried a scaled down class-- but since it's already scaled down for me, it didn't really push me.

Once school starts the schedule just doesn't work.  My husband leaves at 6:30 for work, so that cuts out all the morning classes.  I can't leave for for 2 hours a day to work out (go, shower, go bac) because I already get there late from taking the kids to school. I am not missing family dinner and homework time at night. 

My son is taking jiu jitsu where I have gym membership, from 4:30 to 5:30.  I can leave work 45 minutes early and I still have time to make dinner.  It also gives me some great time with my son.  We have started, although not consistently, to run in the mornings together.  We are planning on doing that every morning once school starts.  We both don't like running but we know we need to do it.

Plus, Las Vegas Athletic Club is fantastic.  And I pay $96 a year to be a member.  Yes, you read that right-- a year.

While they don't have all the Crossfit equipment in the gym, one thing I learned in Crossfit is that it's not about the equipment. 

It was, however, about the coach and the camaraderie.

And the second week, I did nothing, once I realized the Crossfit chapter was closed until next summer.

This third week, however, I had one of those moments where you stand at the fork of the road and choose.

I decided to hire the best trainer that I know.


I have always joked that I could probably write a book on a diet and exercise.  I've read nearly every diet book.  I took some fantastic classes in college on weight training and fitness.  I've exercised for the bulk of my adult life.

I have great resources to turn to--- so many of my friends are trainers, runners, competitors-- if I have a question, it's easy to get an answer.

I also am fairly motivating to other people-- I'm a good coach whether it be in finance (my real job) or getting peope to try something new and different.  In Weight Watchers I was a much better member than dieter. 

As I stood at my imaginary fork, looking at the options, I thought "What if I actually applied that knowledge and support to me?"

I am now pretending that I am my client.  I look at the Crossfit WOD's and try to come up with something reasonable.  I am focusing 80% on cardio and core for the rest of the summer, and some lower body strength building to complement it.

I ran.  Voluntarily.  No clowns with knives chasing me. 

I went on the spin bike and spun like I was in a class.  Not like I wanted to hold back so I could see how that episode of "Law and Order" ended.

I increased my adductor/abductor weights from 90 lbs up to 150 lbs.

I did box jumps and didn't care what anyone else thought as I flung myself up on the box.  It wasn't pretty but I did it.

I was soaked through after each workout this week.

I noticed that most people at the gym really aren't sweating-- they are going through the motions.  Most of them are in decent shape, so they are just maintaining.  This is going to take a lot more effort on my part to lose weight.  My goal is to be the sweatiest person there.

And, like I said, I've always worked out here and there.  But not like this.  I've never pushed myself this far.  But with this new trainer I've hired, I am.  She's really good and she knows me well.

I learned a lot from doing Crossfit- I learned that my limits are beyond what I thought.  I learned that I can pretty much do anything if I keep at it.

And next summer I will be back to Crossfit.  Lighter, leaner and stronger.  And I hope there will be no scaling back.

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