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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why I Will Not Be Watching Any New Shows This Fall...

Remember back in the day when TV shows, even the crappy ones, would be around for at least an entire season?  Some started off a little slow, they made changes and they ended up becoming classics.

These days, it seems, they barely make it past 3 episodes.  And for this reason, I refuse to start watching any new shows this fall.  It's like dating someone, just getting to know them and then they get transferred with their job and it's over before it starts. 

The serial shows are the worst.  There's a new show "Revolution" that I would absolutely, positively love.  It's a post-disaster show about what happens when all the lights suddenly go out on earth.  There's a mystery (why did this happen?).  It's a little sci-fi (could it be aliens?).  Throw in a toss of conspiracy theory (people in power knew?!?!)-- it's perfect.  But alas, I have been here before...

Remember "Flash Forward?"  Rudely interrupted by the writer's strike (which I supported, sigh), it never got any momentum.  It was about quantum physics, mental illness-- loved it.  The characters were smart and well developed.  Then bam... right before we found out why the entire world blacked out for 3 minutes at the exact moment except for a small handful of people.... CANCELLED.

"Caprica" did the same thing.  It lasted 1 season-- an odd season, however, with a giant break.  Just when we were going to learn how and why the evil robots went crazy and led us to "Battlestar Galatica" it too, was cancelled.

"The Event"- the aliens-living-amongst-us- also cancelled just when we were starting to understand why.  Turns out the first lady WAS an alien- and not from Mexico as they originally implied.  Another mirror Earth?  The aliens were here first and we chased them away because we're from another planet?!?!  Fascinating.  I think.  I'll never know.

"V"- Bailey from "Party of Five" was finally figuring out that the hot chick alien was bad news.

"Surface" was another odd alien invasion show that ended with the aliens attacking and our heroes trapped.

And it's not just the sci-fi shows that end.  "Reunion"- a story about a murder and a 10 year class reunion.  That got canned before we found out the murderer.   I assumed it was cancelled when one of the lead characters showed up on "Brothers & Sisters."

I didn't start watching "Revenge" because I was afraid the same thing would happen... and maybe it did.

And over the years there have been a number of sitcoms that apparently I am the only person who finds them funny.  And yet "According to Jim" lasted 8 years.  How is that possible?!?!

I get far too invested in these shows.  I want to know more.  Where do the characters go?  Ten years ago, I would have at least gotten a movie ending to a series.  A nice thank you for my time invested watching them.  But these days, I'm dropped like a hot potato.  All my viewing time cast aside like a first wife.

So "Revolution," I'll be recording you.  Then, halfway through the seasons when I am 100% sure you are going to be renewed, I'll start watching.


Or maybe I'll read a little more.  Because my books have endings.

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Kimberly Coats said...

Wow...I have been out of the loop a little too long, you might as well been speaking Swahili. I have never heard of any of those shoes. I'll stick with least they have closure.