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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Last Thanksgiving I had no idea it would be the last Thanksgiving we would celebrate in our old house.  Just like the Thanksgiving before we didn't know it would the last one we shared with my husband's grandmother.

I love to look through old pictures from the past and see how the people around the table have changed over the years.  In my 20s, it was always friends.  In my 30s, my husband's and now my family.  In my 40s, the family is changing with new people joining us, others moving on, some passing away and friends joining us back at the table.

I've always believed that's what made life so interesting- you never know.  It ebbs and flows. 

This holiday season our family has had some pretty bad news.  While we moved into our new, beautiful home. 

The yin and the yang.

I didn't know how festive we would really feel like being.  When I had some friends ask if they could join us, I said yes.  It lightened the mood and kept us focused on all the good things.

And our house- wow- it is turning into everything we dreamed it would be.  A place for our friends and family to gather.  A place to make memories.

Last night, very appropriately, our new neighbors invited us to join in their house blessing.  They are Indian and we had no idea what to expect.  It was amazing.  Their families and friends all joined as the priest blessed every part of their home.  As a Catholic, when the priests blesses your house, they sprinkle a little holy water, you say a pray and that's it.  This was about 2 hours.  We were the only non-Indians there.  One of their cousins commented that it was really fun to watch it through our eyes- we were mesmerized.  He said they attended these things so often that they forgot how special it truly was.  And it was.  Our new neighbors were starting their new life.  They celebrated it. 

And that's what we did today.  Our first holiday in our home.  Our first party.  Family & friends coming together to give thanks. 

Because while our house is great,without the people in it, it wouldn't be a home. 

So today, I am most thankful for my home- the people who fill it-- the dreams it holds- the memories it will create- the laughter it's already held.  Today I am thankful for the wonderful life I've been given.

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