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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Papa Bean

Today is my husband's 40th birthday.

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about him:

He is 6'5" tall.  That is freaky tall.  I can always find him in a crowd.  I like that.

His eyes are really cool.  They are greenish with flecks of blue and brown.  Hazel does not do them justice.  I like to say they are the color of outside.

He had VERY red, Howdy Doody red hair when he was a child.  It's brownish now.

He is a good dancer, but thinks he can't dance.

He is a good singer, but says he can't sing.  He has a beautiful baritone voice.

He is very funny, but cannot tell a joke to save his life.  He always gives up the punchline.

He and my daughter have the same personality.  People think she's like me, but trust me, that fiestiness is all him.  They both will argue that the sky is orange til the death.

He loves "Hillbilly Handfishing."

He laughs like a crazy man at "America's Funniest Videos."  The terms guffaw, chortle and snicker are all defined.  And nothing makes him laugh louder than a good nut kick or old people falling over.  Yet I still love him.

He's a great teacher.  His students love him.

He really is allergic to spinach.  I didn't believe him.  Oops.

He teared up at "Finding Nemo."  I often yell "Nemo!! Don't go, Nemo!!!" just to piss him off.

He never saw the movie "Shane" until a few years ago.  I often yell "Shane!  Don't go, Shane!"

He is nearly half the man I married.  He has lost over 100 lbs.  I am almost twice the woman.  Oops, again.

He never liked to travel.  Since we've been married, he's caught the bug and even planned this summer's road trip.

He tries hard not to laugh at me, but from time to time, he will bust out laughing.

He makes a mean latte.  No one can froth like him.

He respects my monthly book club and always makes sure his schedule is clear so I can go.

He has never yelled at me when I back up the boat trailer, even though I suck at it.  Really suck at it.

He has seen nearly every action movie and comedy ever made. 

He is an excellent rapper.  No kidding.  It's hilarious.

He is a huge dog lover.  He tried not to fall in love with our new dog.  By her first morning with us, he had already given her a nickname.

He hates to fly.

He is a third generation Las Vegan.

He is a fantastic husband.

He is, quite simply, the love of my life.

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Vicki said...

Hubs LOVES AFV - nothing makes him laugh harder than that show. Funny :) Happy Birthday P.B.!