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Monday, October 10, 2011

My past few days....

On Fridays, I typically work in the morning either from home or Starbucks then spend the afternoon volunteering at the kids' school.  This morning I had a doctor's appointment, so being the efficiency geek that I am, I planned many small tasks.

This is how my day was supposed to go.

8 am  Take the dogs to the groomers
8:15   Take the kids to school
8:45   Drop off our tax information at the accountants
9:15   Deposit a refund check we received at the bank
9:30   Pick up a gift certificate
10:00 Go to the doctor's a little early to read
11:00 Lunch with my friend Shelley for her birthday
1:40  Volunteer at the kids' school
3:30  Pick up the dogs from the groomers

Amidst this, I return calls from clients.  Fortunately, it was quiet and my assistant had the work stuff covered.

This is how my day actually went:
8 am   Took the dogs to the groomers
8:05    Chased Dixie around the groomer's lobby when she slipped out of her collar
8:15    Took the kids to school completely covered in dog hair
8:45    Dropped off the tax information.  Realized that my husband had also been putting my mail into the "TAX INFO" envelope. 
8:50    Sat in the parking lot at the accountant's removing the mail from the envelope
8:55    Actually dropped off the info.
9:00   Drive around for 20 minutes trying to find the branch
9:20   Realize the check I was going to deposit I left in the envelope at the accountant's.  Also realize that my business expenses are on the seat next to me with the mail I removed.  Deposit a check that I rewrote from my business account.
9:45   Go back to the accountant's to give them my business expenses and pick up the checks I had left.
9:50    Realized that the check I wanted to deposit was made out to my husband and he hadn't endorsed it.
10:15  Get to the doctors.

10:25  Get in to the doctor's early (Yeah Dr. Judy!).  Find out that I'm not there for just a blood test, but also my annual exam.  FUN. 

11:00  Meet my friend Shelley for lunch.  ON the way there, I'm cut off on the freeway by a woman on her cell phone in a Hummer.  She proceeds to cut me off in the parking lot AND physically runs into me as she yapped on her phone and never once acknowledged it.  She plowed into me, too.

The afternoon was more mellow-- volunteered at the school, hung out with the kids-- all good stuff.

Saturday I had planned to pick up our food co-op basket, then a soccer game, then get ready for my client appreciation picnic on Sunday.

That was interrupted by an ER visit.  My son broke his arm playing soccer.

Yes, that's right, my daughter just got cleared after breaking her leg.

We are waiting for the call from social services.  Sigh. 

The good news, his break wasn't too bad.  The bad news, he's out of most of his activities for the fall. 

The good news- we have some free time!

ANYHOW, even though by profession I am a planner, clearly things do not always go as planned.  And yet again, I'm forced to roll with it.

So if I haven't returned your calls, responded to your emails, etc, etc, it's because it's been a little crazy.  Throw in my old dog taking another down turn (and getting a tumor on his eye), the neighbor's dogs who NEVER SHUT UP DURING THE NIGHT and well, my head is exploding.

But ain't it swell?

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