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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

25,000 Hits-- Wow. Thank you. And Who Are You?

I started my little blog about a year and a half ago to practice writing, have fun, put my thoughts out to the webiverse.

And today I went over 25,000 hits on my blog.

Thank you.

I think it's cool to have readers from all over the world.  While I do appreciate that many are spammers (thanks Dad, for pointing that out....) not all are.

I really do welcome comments.  I know I have to moderate the comments (thanks to the jerks and spammers), but go for it-- tell me a little bit about yourself.

In fact, I'd like this blog to be about all of you-- how did you find my little blog?  Do you have a favorite?  Do you have any suggestions for future blog topics?

Please join in my conversation!!

And again, thanks.  It makes me smile to know that my writing is being read, rather than simply milling around in my head.

So take a few minutes and say hello! Tell me a little bit about yourself....


Miz said...

I caint recall where I found you :-)
just that I found you...

Chile Bravo said...

I found your blog link from a Facebook friend. I have been stalking you ever since. haha. Seriously, I really enjoy your writing style and knowing the quirkiness surrounding Mama Bean's activities

Mary said...

I found you through Doing a 180, another blog I love to read. I've commented a few times because I love your sense of humor and because another blogger posted that it was good manners to comment if you like a blog. Only problem is, I always feel dorky the minute I hit publish.

Mama Bean said...

It is good etiquette and I wished more people commented! most people comment on Facebook where I post a link. I guess the more comments I get, the more traffic gets directed to my blog and then soon I will own the internet. Or something like that.

I've never found your comments dorky... never.

I love Helen's blog, too!

Susan in Oz said...

I just wrote about how I read but don't comment because I tend to want to write about 10,000 words in my comments which would probably be very boring for you to read. My previous comment was precise and to the point and ... it was eaten by wordpress/blogger. I'm not destined to comment on your blog (copying, ready to paste, as I write this now).
Came to you from Helen's blog as well - really wanted to discuss your first Crossfit experience(s) but 3 paragraphs in, decided that I really needed to learn how to be concise.
Shall try to do better!