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Sunday, December 23, 2012

It Really is a Wonderful Life

We read the short story on which "It's a Wonderful Life" is based for our book group this month. 

The timing was good because this week I had my own George Bailey moment.

I tried to quit Facebook.

Okay, not quite the same as throwing myself off a bridge due to a financial collapse of my business.

I was stunned at the response I got.

Now the reason I announced my departure was because I took a few weeks off a few months ago and I got panicked emails from friends wondering if I was okay.  We were on vacation and I didn't have access to internet.

So I explained why this time-- too many ignorant morons and too much hatred.

And then the emails, messages, notes, instant messages started.

Not one.  Not 10.

Around 100.

No joke.

People took the time to write lengthy messages about how much I had impacted their lives through my little, happy posts.

I received compliments on how much people enjoyed my posts.  About how they enjoyed the funny stories about my kids.  About how nice it was to hear about a happy, functional family.  About how encouraging it was to see someone who loves their spouse.  About how much they appreciated that I made them laugh.

About what a difference I made in their lives.

Me.  And my silly posts.

And again these weren't 2-3 sentence messages.  Some of them were quite lengthy.  I was beyond touched.

I was stunned.

I had no idea.

Every 2 years we get a client survey and every year I am reminded that I make a difference in my clients' lives.

But I honestly had no idea what an impact such a small part of my life had on so many people.  That it was significant enough for them to take a few moments out of their day to ask me to please not leave.

It wasn't a bucket of money in my living room, but it meant more.

It reminded me that kindness surpasses anger and hatred. That people cared enough to take the time for something seemingly so insignificant.

Earlier in the week I had posted all the things on my to do list and my friends came to my rescue and helped out.

My close circle- my husband, my children, and my closest friends are fantastic.  I know that.  I am so grateful for it. 

But the next circle out-- the casual friends, the acquaintances-- I never had any idea the role I played in their lives.  I just assumed it was insignificant.

I had a client pass away a few years ago unexpectedly.  Her husband shared that she used to forget my name, so after 10 years of working together, I had become simply "Sweetie."  It was their inside joke.  He teared up when he shared it.  I am tearing up typing it.  I played a small role in their life.  What a privilege.

Thank you to all the friends, former teachers, acquaintances, friends of friends who took the time to contact me and ask me not to lose touch.

It really did mean a lot to me.  It reminded me that while I may be a small part of the world, every action that I take does have an impact.  Even something as small as posting my silly observations on social media impacts people.  I'm glad that it could have such a positive impact.

I am happy that through social media I've been able to reconnect with so many old friends who also played a role in MY life- the teachers, the old neighbors, the old classmates, college friends, former co-workers-- they are interwoven in my life as parts of funny stories, things I've learned and choices I've made.  Everyone is part of a story-- the story of my life.

And I truly have a very wonderful life.  Because of the wonderful people in it. Just like George Bailey.  It was nice to be reminded of it.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may you appreciate all that you have in the coming year!

My wonderful life.


Helen said...

It IS nice to be reminded isn't it? Merry Christmas to you and yours Mama Bean!

Kimberly Coats said...

I hadn't seen It's a Wonderful Life in years. Christmas is always a major emotional bummer here in Rwanda as it's not really celebrated and we generally are coming back from a fun trip somewhere else. This year I decided to download the movie. Thank God I started at 7:00am because by 8:00pm it had finished downloading! It is one of the best films ever...we all need reminders as life grinds us down.

The other day I posted on an acquaintances FB page. It was his birthday. I know him through cycling but that's really our only connection. We haven't spoken in years, since I left for Africa. I posted "Happy Birthday from the far corners of the dark continent." He responded, "Love your posts, you are amazing!" I never knew....I'm just running a financially strapped African cycling team which most days doesn't seem the least bit amazing especially after the 12th load of dirty cycling clothes!

You never know who you impact which is why you must live every day as if it's your last.

Kristen said...

I don't often comment on your blog, but I do read it avidly, and I so enjoy your forthright and genuine thoughts. I guess I fit under the acquaintance umbrella too -- albeit not on FB -- and I would miss reading you too if you bailed from here. So I understand their reaction!

But I have to say, I think it's amazing how many of them reached out to you and told you so. Too often we don't let other people know how they impact us, especially when it is "just" an acquaintance. Good for all of them who spoke up!