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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts from my son Skip

To mix it up, I thought I would interview my son Skip today.   Actually, it's directly related to the fact that he's sitting here, next to me and I am a bit short on ideas this week.

(MamaBean): What is your favorite class at school?
(Skip):  Hmmm.... I think it would probably be science.

(MB): Why?
(S): You get to do all these cool experiments. This week in science we are building ships- pretty cool!

(MB): Who do you like better, me or your dad?  Remember I gave birth to you.  And you have a GIANT head.
(S): Equal.  Both equal.

(MB): Really?  You don't think I'm waaaaay cooler than your dad?
(S): Naw.

(MB):  Isn't it past your bedtime?
(S): No... it's really not.

(MB):  Rats.  Okay, what is your favorite thing about being part of the Bean Team?
(S): They feed me.

(MB):  Really, that's all you got?
(S): Yep.

(MB): I'm getting a new son.  Next question....what's been your favorite vacation?
(S): This one that's coming up.  I get to swim in a lake with fish.

(MB): Is that better than us feeding you?
(S): No.

(MB): What's your favorite thing about me being your mom?
(S): I like that you help in my class and are extremely beautiful.

(MB): You really think I'm beautiful?
(S): Yes (laughing)

(MB): So do you think I'm cooler than your dad?
(S):  Still equal

(MB):  What's your favorite thing to do?
(S):  Play computer

(MB):  How do you think they should fix the underfunding to the schools? Serious question
(S): Probably giving Capri Suns back so they can get money for the schools.  I would say switch to solar energy so more energy would go to schools.

(MB):  What do you think about the high unemployment rate?  (keep in mind he watches CNBC with me in the morning)
(S):  I don't think they can fix it

(MB):  Why not?
(S): If nobody's coming here to set up jobs, then nobody will come here.  If there's nobody here, there's nobody to buy anything.  (I think he gets it... no jobs = no commerce-  think about that GM)

(MB):  If you were president, what would you do?
(S): I would put more police jobs in to stop marijuana from coming in from Mexico. 

(MB):  If you were Santa Claus, what would you get me for Christmas?
(S): $10,000 gift card to Target (not bad!)

(MB): If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
(S): My dreamhouse could be anywhere there are trees.

(MB): What do you want to be when you grow up?
(S): Civil or aerospace engineer (he's not kidding- I would bank money on this-- oh wait, I am banking money on this...his college fund!)

(MB): Am I cooler than your dad?
(S):  Still equal...

(MB): If there is one thing you wanted my readers to know about me, what would you tell them?
(S): She's cool.  You're a good mom.  For real.

(MB):  Aww.... you're a great kid.  I love you.
(S): awesome. 

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Rita said...

Fun! He's such a smart kid and socially conscious....ahhhh more hope for the future :-) I love interviewing my kids too. They always say things that make me laugh, surprise me and something profound enough that it gets me thinking.