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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're Going to Have to Speak Up....

A few months ago I blogged about having to go to Walgreen's because I had an ear infection.  While I used to get them a lot as a child, as an adult this was a rarity.  I rolled my eyes as the PA explained to me how to take a shower so I didn't get another one.  Please, I know how to take a shower.

I, apparently, however, do not know how to sleep.

My allergies have been crazy this year.  I don't usually have too many issues with them, but this spring was extra windy, everything bloomed.  Ick.

When my ears started to bother me, I just assumed it was sinus pressure.  But it didn't let up.

I put a little hydrogen peroxide in.  That seemed to work a little.

But still-- they were a little achy.  And stuffy.


Then 2 days ago I awakened to a soggy pillow.

I have been sleeping with my mouth open, due to my stuffy nose, for the past few weeks.

I also am quite the drooler.

Yes, you guessed it....

I have been drooling into my own ears.


Only me.

I'm not exactly sure how to handle the issue either.

I can't use the dog's Elizabethan collar-- it might make it worse.

I could sleep with sponges in my ears, I suppose.

Or duct tape my mouth shut... my husband might appreciate that depending on how soon before bed I did that.

Maybe straws in my nose?!?!

This is worse than when I strained my thumb from sleeping funny.  For 2 weeks, I had to wear a brace, couldn't write or use a mouse BECAUSE I SLEPT FUNNY.  It exacerbated an old injury I have from PLAYING THE TROMBONE.

Now, I am drooling into my ear.

I'm sure you are probably laughing your butts off now.  I just can't hear you.

Because I have drool in my ear.

Welcome to my world.


Karen Barnish said...

Welcome to the many who do odd things!! I would blame it on age, but we are only 29 so it cant be that!

Anonymous said...

Don't use the E-collar. You might drown!-Troy

Kim Bee said...

disgusting and hilarious!