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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back at it... again

So you may be wondering why I haven't posted much about the Whole 30, losing weight, etc. for the past few months.

Um... ah... um...

About that...

The good news, I only gained 8 pounds back of the 18 I lost.  You might think that's awful, but considering I went from great behavior to I don't care in 30 days or less, I'm pleasantly surprised.

So what happened?

Well, I tried to work out during my son's jiu jitsu class.  It's in my gym for crying out loud.  It started at 4:45  I could do that.  Then they moved it to 4:30.  Small change, but that last 15 minutes was a big deal at my office.  It meant hitting school zones on the way home.  Which meant I lost not 15 minutes at work, but 30 minutes.  Plus, I was already leaving an hour earlier. 

Then I decided to be a troop leader for my daughter's Daisy troop.  Let me restate that- I started a Daisy troop (I have a great co-leader who is a pro).  The only day I had was on Monday.  I didn't want to do evenings (because my kids sleep early), so we did it after school.  So Monday was now shot.

Which left Wednesday, which became impossible to leave.  And Friday which was exhausting after a long week.

Then I got really, really, really busy at work.  After the recession, I'll take it. 

Then we got a new dog which required SOMEONE to either stay up or get up.  If you're married, you know what that means.  So I was tired.

Then I got that stupid bronchial thing that wiped me out.

Excuses, I know.  But honestly, they are the truth.

It was a time issue.  In sales you are taught that every objection appears to be time or money, but they are really about not seeing the value.

I have to say, in this case, it really was a time and energy thing.  Because I missed it.

So rather than head back to the gym January 1 with the rest of the resolutioners, I decided to wait.  In 3 weeks, they are gone.

And I also decided that unless I went back to 5 am workouts, it wasn't going to happen.  My husband leaves for school around 6:15 am, so I can't screw around in the morning.

I have a decent 35 minute workout that I can do every day.  It's an interval set.  My gym (LVAC for you locals) is great.  There's a track upstairs.  The ab section is on one side, the machines on the other with some free weights by the ab section (the main free weight section is downstairs).  I walk/jog/run from one section to the other.  With a short time frame, I focus on either upper body or lower body and mix it up.  I use all the cool things I learned in Crossfit, with some of the stuff I learned from our trainer a few years back.  And there you have it- my workout.

Last night I updated my playlists for my iPod.  Because I need music to workout.    I laid at all my stuff.  When the alarm rang at 4:45 I considered sleeping in.  But I didn't.

Because it's this simple--

I like working out.  I like eating healthy.

I do. 

After doing the Whole 30 and realizing how sick some of the foods I was eating made me, and then feeling as great as I did after, it seems kinda silly to keep eating stuff that made me feel bloated or queasy.  I felt blah because I wasn't working out.  I like it.  I sleep better and I'm a better person.  I also like how strong it made me feel.  I love when I can pick something up and people are shocked.  Not at the gym-- but in real life. 

So how did it go today after 3 months off?


I was shocked.

I walked a bit, but I ran much better than I thought I would.  Really shocked me.

I couldn't lift quite as much, but it wasn't awful.

It was a really quick workout. I got in 300 crunches.  Jogged/walked a mile. Did my shoulders and my chest.

But I went.

As for the food, I'm juicing and going back to the Whole 30 pretty much.  A little bread here and there, some rice, and a little parmesan or feta cheese from time to time but honestly, that's it.  I didn't need it and I didn't miss it.  When I added it back, I felt like crap.

The juicing is because after fighting off the bronchitis for 10 weeks, I decided I needed to up the nutritional content in my diet.  Plus, I like it.

There you have it-- I'm doing this because I like it.  It makes me feel good.  I like to feel good. 

I know it's going to suck getting up that early every day, but that's going to be the trade off. 

Don't expect to see me late night on Facebook!

And please, feel free to post what you're doing and we can all support each other!


Vicki said...

I was really inspired by your original Whole 30 post so I read the book late last year, then my migraines got so bad I decided to seek help from a nutritionist. She basically confirmed I needed something like the Whole 30, only she put me on even more restrictions! I've been on a very restricted diet since Dec. 14 & I've lost about 12 pounds & 2 pants sizes!! I haven't done any exercising yet, but I stuck to the diet restrictions through the holidays & I just didn't care that I couldn't have all the yummy pie & stuff. I just wanted to FEEL GOOD for once!

All that to say KEEP GOING with whatever you know works for your body. My migraines have really minimized, my energy stays at an even level throughout the day & the quality of my sleep is crazy awesome!

Thanks for writing about your experiences, both good & bad. You are an encouragement to me!

Mama Bean said...

Wow! That is fantastic!!! Good for you-- you have much more will power than me!

Isn't it weird how you lose your desire for the bad foods? I need to get the sugar out-- it's KILLING me late at night. I start binging.... argh. I think I need to go to bed earlier!!

Congratulations and keep me posted!