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Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 4

Please pardon my typing, I may have overdone it on my arms today...  those 8 lb weights are KILLER.

Don't laugh.  I'm trying.

I'm officially getting into the swing of this.  How do I know?  I fell asleep at 9:45 last night.  Sadly, my poor husband had my Kindle in his back all night and was unaware.   I had hoped to finish our book club book last night.  I must have fallen asleep reading.

The dogs are also enjoying the early morning wake up. They mistakenly think it's because I want to play with them extra early in the morning. All three of them.  Even my 15 year old dog drags himself out of bed wagging his tail.

At 4:45 am.


Gotta love 'em.

Anyhow, 9 pm seems like a good bedtime if I can keep pushing it back to that.  I'd really like to do the spin class at 5 am at least once a week.  Which means I'd need to get up at 4:15, to leave and get there and set up my bike.

I used to go to bed at 4:15 in my 20s.


Embrace the changes, right?

I would also like to say that while the time of day is a challenge, I'm loving it.  I need to dig out all of my old "Shape" magazines-- I think they're in my husband's nightstand for some reason......  and get some new ideas for workouts.  That's what I loved about CrossFit- never the same workout.  We would do the same exercises, but in different combos. And while I was sore, I could never not go back the next day.  "Shape" actually has some great plans like that.  I need to go in to the gym on the weekend when I have more time and try to pick a few new machines to try.  I'm also thinking of hitting up my neighbor to spot me in the free weight section at least once a week. 

Today I did mainly arms, chest and back  exercises with dumbbells on the BOSU ball.  I was getting tired of crunches, I thought I'd mix up the core workout.  I looked drunk.  I normally look a mess, but me trying to do something as simple as stand on a BOSU ball (they're these half ball things which are squishy so you have to think to keep your balance) is entertaining.  Trying to do curls and such on it, is even funnier.  But I did.  And my core is sore.  As our my thighs.  And, of course, my upper body.  Anything that combines a bunch of exercises into one, I'm all about it.  Especially since I have 35 minutes.

Oh- and today I'd like to thank Elvis. "Suspicious Minds" got me through it.  I was ready to say "You've done great all week, make this a short one...."  and then it came on and I smiled and kept going.

Thank you, Elvis.

And if anyone has any other ideas for playlists, please let me know!


Helen said...

Well, you know I've been a 4 am girl for a long time so yeah, I try to get to bed no later than 9 p.m. If I can get there by 8:15-8:30 to read a little first, even better! Of course I don't have kids I'm dealing with so maybe it's a bit easier for me. Still, I have the occasional night when I get caught up in a TV show or conversation with my dearly beloved and end up going to bed way too late. And I end up hitting the snooze a couple of times and it's HARD. But I never ever regret it later on when I've gotten my workout in - even if its a short one - and I'm set for the day!

Mama Bean said...

It really is a great way to start the day. It honestly makes me feel like I'm in control of my life. And the day sorta follows suit.