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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 6 or 7- Avoiding Death

Yes, I know I missed a day and then there were a few where I didn't do anything.... 

The plan is that there is no plan.


I have to have a plan, right?

Well, if I have a plan it's this- I am going to try to work out for at least 35 minutes 5 times a week. 

Yes, Yoda, I wrote try.

Because if I only get to the gym 3 or 4 times it will be better than nothing.

And if I make it 7, fantastic.

In the past, I would say "Screw it, it's not working" and that would be that.

5 am appears to be working out (pun intended).  I wanted to sleep in today as I did yesterday, but I couldn't because I had just done a radio show with my friend Charmaine and talked about how important being healthy was to me.  I didn't really hear the alarm as much as I heard "Liar, liar, pants on fire" in my head when I got out of bed.

Over the weekend we did a charity walk/run for the Girl Scouts.  We did the Shortbread Shuffle- a 1 mile walk which my kids ran.  This has inspired me to do the Cirque 5k run in March with them since they clearly can do it.  I really do not enjoy running.  At all.  It was very inspiring to watch my friend Lisa run her first 5k after losing a boatload of weight- and she killed it.  29 minutes. Wow.  I will not finish in 29 minutes.  39 possibly.

Then I went to Monterey for a business trip. Rough life, I know.  I headed out at 5 for a run on the wharf, but I have to say, running in the dark in a strange city freaked me out, so I went to the hotel gym.  It sucked, but to quote the very fit colleague of mine who was there "You showed up."  Yep.  I did. 

I didn't make it there on Tuesday, thinking I would do something when I got home that night (really??) and then Wednesday morning.....yawwwwwnnnn.... I slept in.

But today, I didn't.  Today I went.  Today's inspiration was the man who had Parkinson's doing toe touches and fighting it every step of the way with his therapist.

I will be back tomorrow.

Because as I explained to my friend Charmaine yesterday, it's not about weight loss any more.  I'm not going to get to a magic weight and suddenly stop exercising.  I'll have to keep exercising.  And if I don't lose weight it doesn't matter- exercise is important on its own merits.  Heart disease is the #1 killer of women my age.  And for the most part, I can do something about it. 

I am nicer when I work out.  I am sharper when I work out.  I am happier when I work out.  It gives me energy and it also makes me feel like I can control something.  If I'm working out, it means I am sticking with my priorities and am in control of my life.  I got fat because I let life control me.  And I ate a lot of Ben & Jerry's and stopped exercising... but you know what I mean.

I may never be a size 6 again, but it doesn't mean I should just throw the towel in and get fatter and expedite my death.

Anything is better than nothing.  Anything.

So get moving.

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Helen said...

As I've aged my thinking has shifted from exercise for weight loss (which meant I did a lot of stuff I really did not like) to exercise for health. So I try to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week. BUT, I average that because I take at least one, and sometimes two depending on how I'm feeling and my schedule, etc., rest days a week. So, I'm going for a minumum of 210 minutes of exercise per week (Sunday-Saturday). This week I already have 227 minutes. Again, I'm exercising for my HEALTH, not for weight loss!