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Monday, June 2, 2014

Thirty Days...

As you may know from my previous blogs, we are in the process of moving and building a new home.

We are supposed to be out of our current home by June 24th- assuming all goes well.  On the surface, it all looks nice, but a big thanks to all the people that have shared their horror stories of the issues they've had with houses falling out of escrow, last minute changes, etc.  Seriously.  Thanks.  It's up there with all the birthing horror stories I heard when I was pregnant.  Nothing soothes a stressed out friend like hearing how much WORSE it could be.

And yes, that was sarcasm.

We should be moving into our new home in late October-- assuming all goes well.  Right now, it appears that all those smart financial moves we made over the past years-- including paying our mortgage on time, every month for our entire adult lives-- has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the decision if we are worthy enough to pay another lender on time every month.  Absolutely no impact.  And again, LOVE hearing all those horror stories from people. Thanks.  That is totally helping me relax.

Again, sarcasm.

ANYHOW, on a positive note, I am also looking at this as an opportunity to reset.  New environment.  New choices.

And since I am an expert on all things diet, fitness and lifestyle related, it really seemed like a great opportunity to utilize all that I've learned over the years and put some plans into action.

Oh- what's that you say?  Aren't I 70 pounds overweight and can't run a mile?

Yes.  That is true. 

Don't judge.

I have tried every diet and read a lot of books.

I have lost more than 300 pounds in the past 5 years.  I just haven't done it consecutively.

That is the challenge, apparently. 

Have you lost 300 pounds?

See.  Who's the expert now?

So in August, my kids start new schools.

In October, we'll be in the house that we will more than likely either die in or sell to pay for our long term care. 

A new life for everyone.

So I decided that it is also a great time to change some of my behaviors to have a healthy lifestyle when we begin this new life.

Please note that I did not say lose weight.

I would like to lose weight.

I would like to lose about 50 pounds before the end of the year.

But you know what- after careful thought, I really think that this plan of mine is going to do a lot more for me than focusing on the scale.

Here's the scoop- for the next 30 days I will be posting how well I stick to the following items that I feel will, after many years of research, make me feel better.  I'm also playing with assigning a point value to them... so I can track it... because I am competitive. But maybe not.

I also am WELL aware that during the next 30 days we are moving and starting our vacation.  This is part of the plan-- if I can do it during one of the more stressful times in my life, it should be easy to stick to the rest of the year.

This was also inspired by the 30 day ab challenge on Facebook.  I miss my abs.  I would like to find them this summer.  It is also inspired by my friend Lisa who lost a bunch of weight and commented that it was weird- the moms at her daughter's new school only know her as the skinny, running yoga mom.  In general, seemed like a good time to start in spite of the chaos.

Feel free to play along and post.

So here's what I am going to focus on:
  1. Meditating 30 minutes daily.   Bonus if I get in an evening meditation.  Because this makes me nicer.
  2. Flossing daily.  I know, I should be doing this.  Honestly, I'm not.  You probably aren't either based on statistics.  It's really important.  There is all kinds of weird data that puts flossing on the top 10 lists of ways to extend longevity.
  3. Ab Challenge.  It's fun.  I'm a day off the start date.  I used to do 500 crunch variations a day.  I could barely do 15 this morning.  Gonna be a looooong 30 days.  My son is joining me on this adventure to Abs of Steel.
  4. Not eating out.  This is a big one, but as we are forced to eat through our pantry so as to not pack it, it's important.  I also eat like crap when we go out.  Every day is a celebration in my world.  This needs to stop.  Also, to our credit, with the house up for sale and open houses, realtor visits-- we've been limited in our time at home and also didn't want to make a mess or stink it up.  If I can stick to this 90%, I will be happy.   A nice date here or there.... celebrating my son's elementary school graduation... but the goal is to do this most days.
  5. Moisturizing every day.  I do this fairly often but I need to make sure it's part of the daily routine.  I'm over 40 and live in the desert.  I don't want to look shriveled.  It's gross.
  6. Minimizing processed foods. I was going to put "eliminate" but it's too hard.  I know this.  Everything seems to be processed- I don't have a farm and I'm not killing my own meat.  I really am trying to eliminate sugar, but for the sake of this 30 days-- it's too much. Basically, if I don't eat crap, I'll be happy.
  7. Take a 30 minute walk every night.  Even with the heat.  Because it's fun to pick a kid and go wander the neighborhood.
  8. Not eat after dinner.  This is going to be the hardest, next to not going out for dinner.  I chow down after sunset.  Not good.
  9. Go to bed at 10 pm. Because I need to.  It also reduces my chow down time and sleep is important.
If I institute a point system, it should 9 points a day.  In 30 days, it should be a percentage of 270 points. 

It's not to be perfect.

It's not to focus on just food or exercise.

It's things I need to do stay healthy.  A strong core.  Eating right.  Getting rest.  Staying focused. Taking care of myself.

Because this is the only me I've got.

Every day, I'll post how I did.  And seriously, if you feel the need to add some good habits to your life, join me and post along.

This is not remotely researched.  I have no idea what will happen at the end of 30 days.  After all my experiences with different programs, these are the things that I want to make sure that I'm doing.  My hope is, I will stick with it for the following 18,250 days.

We'll see.

One day at a time.

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